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Eating Sardines

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Who all prefers sardines straight from the tin, rather than in a dish? Or vice versa?

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  1. I'm a straight out of the can eater. I always carry a tin in my bag.

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      Your CH name says it all! I like the smaller ones and to many a surprise, they taste good are an excellent and healthy snack.

    2. Both ways. In mustard sauce out of the can, in water on a roll with butter....

      1. out of the can, with a squirt of lemon wedge..........

        1. Right out of the can, sometimes with hot sauce, other times with mustard,

          1. My Dad liked them in mustard. As a kid, like the idea of mustard but just couldn't STAND them!?! A year or so ago, bought a can... maybe my taste buds had matured... NOPE!?! Guess if I was STARVING and they were the ONLY thing to eat, might be able to choke them down??

            1. My dad and I used to sit at the kitchen table with a can of sardines and a stack of saltines to eat them with. No need for a dish!

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              1. I no longer eat sardines (vegetarian) but remember sharing a tin with my grandpa as a little girl- they were the kind in tomato sauce and we would stab them with a toothpick and have with ritz crackers.... Grandma always had a lifetime supply of ritz crackers handy.

                1. I'm mostly out of he tin, with toast or crackers.

                  1. Lots of sardines out of a can eaters. I'm curious to see how many have actually had fresh sardines. My favorite way to eat sardines is whole off a grill with a sprinkling of salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (oh no not oil on an oily fish!). Much better than from a can though I like those too.

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                      I've had fresh grilled sardines, great with a squirt of lemon juice. Much like comparing tuna in a can to a grilled steak, the fresh fish is a different experience.

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                        My dad would grill fresh ones when i was growing up, they were straight from the monterey bay and dirt cheap- his childhood friend still owns a fish wholesale business at the end of the warf there. Its been a long time but i remember enjoying them...

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                          I had fresh sardines off the charcoal every weekend when growing up.

                          IMO you can't compare canned with fresh, they're two different animals. I love both.

                        2. Straight out of the can is a favorite snack. As others have noted though. Fresh ones, off the grill are heaven.

                          1. No particular preference for just straight sardines, though I like to have them either in a sandwich or on crackers with cottage cheese. My folks liked the ones in mustard, but I like either olive oil or a spicy sauce – had some Portuguese piri-piri ones that were heavenly.

                            The visual reminds me of a cat we had who went nuts for greens. Broccoli was her favorite, but she would try anything. One day I'd made a salad for lunch and laid some sardines over the top, then the phone rang. While I was talking I heard some noise in the kitchen, and looked in to see Bailey jumping off the table. Fearing for the sardines I laid the phone down and ran in. The sardines were all there – she'd pushed them aside to get at the salad!

                            1. For me, it's a can of the small two layer sardines, preferably Crown Prince or King Oscar, packed in oil.

                              Give me a can of these, a sleeve of saltines, and a chunk of cheddar cheese and I'm a happy camper. No plate needed.

                              Though I have tried the varieties packed in tomato sauce or mustard, Dad was right, the ones packed in oil of the best.

                              It also should be noted that I eat them alone. DW can't stand them (or even the smell) so I can only eat them when she's not around.

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                                i'm with you - sardines don't seem right unless they are very small, packed in oil, and contained in a can with the name or picture of a member of scandinavian royalty on it.

                              2. It was real warm here yesterday in NYC. Did a lot of sweating and felt I needed a little boost before diner...
                                Straight out of the tin , with an ice cold beer!

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                                    The canned/sardines/crackers/hot sauce/beer combo is almost my death row last meal. Although Brunswick sardines make me sad (the herring is OK).

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                                      Brunswick sardines are ehh...the kippers are acceptable if that is all you have in the house.

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                                      LOVE Brunswick Kippered Snacks. But not anything like regular tinned sardines distributed by Brunswick. Try one of each and you'll taste a BIG difference. The KS's are more expensive for starters. KS's are herrings not sardines BTW.

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                                        You are correct, but I buy these because they are "Seafood Snacks" boneless Herring filets. But given their proximity on the shelves in the store, I thought it would appropriate here.
                                        And I love all brands of sardines....I am kind of an equal opportunity sardine person.

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                                          I am an equal opportunity sardine eater, and yes Seafood Snacks are herring...but since they are in close proximity on shelves in the market, I do consider them related...but you are correct.

                                      2. Right out of the can. With a little salt and lots of pepper. So good, there's no time to get the crackers from the cupboard, lol. Never had fresh. I've grown to like King Oscars canned herring over sardines though.

                                        1. Love smoked sardines in oil right out of the can with a little apple cider vinegar sprinkled on them and a sleeve of ritz crackers - YUM! I usually split them open and take the spine out - just don't like the texture of it. I eat a can of these for a light dinner when I am not really hungry or at lunch on the weekends. I'm afraid to take them to work for lunch because of the smell.

                                          1. These are my absolute favorite sardines. They have a little bit of heat to them and the flavor is unreal. They're a little pricier than your average canned sardine but worth every penny in my opinion.

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                                              The eat by date was December 2013! (but that is a discussion on another board)

                                            2. I only eat Tiny Tots in olive oil. They are the very very small fish. I cover two slices of bread with Miracle Whip then cover one side with the sardines. It's about the only way I'll eat 'em.
                                              Gotta have plain old greasy potato chips with it though.


                                                1. I decided I would try sardines as an alternative to taking fish oil pills. The first time I tried them like tuna, mashed with mayo, on crackers. Not impressed. Last week I tried King Oscar on crackers with some sriracha. Fantastic! Totally converted now.

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                                                    Try the Brunswick Kippered snacks (herring). IMO better than any sardines canned in asia. Spanish Portugese that's different.

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                                                      I will try the kippered snacks. Honestly I have only had creamed herring (okay) but I am willing!

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                                                        I love creamed herring as well. Keep up the good tasting and let us know!

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                                                        I did see it. I wasn't responding to you. ;))

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                                                          Alright Puffin3, I bought the Brunswick kippered snacks. How do I eat them?

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                                                            Try a taste right out of the can.
                                                            Then check the posts above and give what you think might be tasty.
                                                            Ritz and a splash of hot sauce is pretty good....you might want to have a glass of white wine or a nice cold beer to help wash it down!

                                                    2. I saw an interesting breakfast recipe that called for sardines. Basically they took a ramekin, and placed the sardines in the bottom, topped with a tomato sauce, then topped with some cracked eggs. The whole thing was then baked/broiled until the egg whites were set.

                                                      1. Out of the can with mustard sauce is optimal, but occasionally a sardine sandwich on whole grain bread with tomato, lettuce, and a squeeze of lemon can do the trick as well.