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Jun 14, 2014 07:28 PM

Where to eat in the Anaheim area

I'm going to be in Anaheim while my kid is at Disneyland. Any restaurant recommendations for a Bay Area foodie?

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  1. Playground is close by in Santa Ana.

    Taco Maria is perhaps twenty minutes away in Costa Mesa--tasting menu though so probably isn't ideal for kids.

    Bacoman (an LA hound) swears by Jagerhaus which should be really close to you guys.

    I like Zankou Chicken. Zait and Zataar has good Lebanese.

    1. A few places just southeast in Orange.............

      1. What kind of food? Great Viet but depending on what part of the BA you're from you may have great Viet too.

        1. Kid and you might enjoy

          House lobster

          Low key but what's not to like

          Short drives or ubers