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Jun 14, 2014 07:22 PM

Villa Italian, Culver City Pizza

I just read that Villa Italian on Sepulveda closed after more than 60 years. It has gone through two owners since it was sold from the original family. We liked their pizza which was a rectangle a little thick, but not heavy. Is there another restaurant with similar pizza, or does anyone have a recipe? TIA

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  1. Not in this area, but Petrillo's is very similar, and in my opinion, better. Two locations in San Gabriel and Glendora.

    1. I called Villa Italian today and they are very much open...they said until 9pm tonight - looks like you read some bad info...

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        Thanks for setting the record straight. It's hard enough to keep a restaurant open without the added burden of folks saying your out of business when you're not.

      2. So I just called Villa Italian. Rockhead, you are right they are still open, but they did sell the restaurant and are closing at the end of the month or a few weeks later.

        1. I went there tonight and they are definitely closing. I believe L.A. Eater said a BBQ place.

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            paprkutr is reporting what I was told tonight. I actually like their pizza which I don't think is that much like Petrillo's. The Villa pizza is rectangular and cut into squares. I'd liken their pizza more to the old Numero Uno pizza of years past, but much better. It's a little thick with a crunchy bottom with a generous quantity of toppings. I've seen complaints about the service, but I've never had any issues with service.

          2. Thanks for the updates. We went tonight and were completely underwhelmed. I live in the Valley so don't get over the hill as much as I used to (pre-kids), and I only make it there every so often. I've been going to Villa Italian for over thirty years and have always LOVED and craved their pizza.

            Tonight, the crust was dry, not crunchy or crispy at all - more like tomato sauce and cheese over stale flatter-than-normal bread with no taste or character. I went with my two kids, who have fairly discriminating palates for kids, and one said the pizza tasted like Chuck E. Cheese pizza and the other said it tasted like "Kid's birthday party pizza."

            Since they are closing soon, I wanted to love it and couldn't wait for one last pizza. What a disappointment. If this is the way their pizza has changed since the good old days, no wonder they are closing.

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              Try Pizzarito in the Villa Marina shopping center at Mindanao and Glencoe between Pavilions and CVS. Takeout not dine-in unless you are desperate. The square deep dish pizza is what you want. It has been there for decades (the store, not the pizza :) Close to the end of the 90 Marina Fwy.