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Sprout's Farmers Market

A Sprout's Farmers Market is soon opening nearby. Any favorites / unfavorites? Thanks!

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  1. I love their bulk goods. When they have a sale on oatmeal I buy 5 - 10 pounds of it!

    Their wine selection is excellent and they have good wine sales.
    Their fish is fresh and well priced.
    I like their chicken sausages.

    And they have really nice produce, so when they have a good sale, you can go wild.

    1. they carry some of the same organic produce that Whole Foods does at far lower prices.

      beware: the way that their produce dept is organized, it is difficult to identify which produce is organic and which is not. have the produce guy show you around.

      1. The Sprouts sales flyer starts on Wednesday and ends on Wednesday. That means the last week and the this week sale items are both on sale on Wednesdays, and that is referred to as 'Double Ad Day', which makes for the most efficient shopping.

        My shopping list is generic and varies based on sale items, so I can't give a specific recommendation.

        Do check the dates on bakery and dairy (nothing has ever been out of date range, but I always try to purchase the freshest items, at Sprouts and every place I shop).

        1. I too go there for mainly their sale items if there's something good. Their produce is very good prices, but I believe it's grocery store "seconds" ie, the stuff that might look weird... like bell peppers that aren't perfect shapes or over or under sized items. They occasionally have good sales on meat although it seems lately (like everywhere else) their sales aren't that great anymore for that.

          They're also one of the cheapest places to buy Lactaid milk.

          Oh, and I really like their bulk chicken sausage.

          1. I like their produce most of the time (hey, nobody here can bat a thousand with produce), and the bulk foods. I also like their choice of probiotics. I think everybody should take more probiotics. They have a lot of good stuff, and some that's beyond my scope, but that's me. Check it out closely, you'll probably find a lot of things that wil keep you coming back for more. Bon appetit!

            1. Eh, I only shop there because it's now 5 hours to Whole Foods. Their bulk section is pathetic ( I have much better selection at a local health food store) and they don't have any better produce than my regular grocery store. I only go there for select items, whole milk plain yogurt, grade B maple syrup.

              1. They have a few bulk items that I really like-veggie chips are delicious, my husband likes the butter toffee peanuts, they have a much bigger variety of whole grains than most of the big box stores. They're also more likely to have slightly obscure produce like endive and escarole than the other stores in my area (although no one including Sprouts seems to carry radicchio anymore-I know I've bought it in the past but it's not to be found anymore). They have good sales on things like bell peppers a couple of times a year.

                1. I do a lot of my shopping there now since they opened one a few minutes away. The prices are very reasonable and they have a good selection.

                  I like the bulk bins for snack mixes, dried fruit, and yogurt covered pretzels. From the meat counter, I like the freshmade pork and chicken sausages. We also like the jalapeno bacon cowboy burgers. Our produce section is well organized and they have the organic stuff on one side and the nonorganic on another side. In the dairy section, I like the Sprouts brand half and half and sour cream. Their Sprouts dried pastas are also good -- much better than Trader Joe's oddly flavored pasta. The coconut water is also good.

                  Most of their house brand stuff is good -- I don't hesistate buying the house brand products. They also take coupons too if you are a coupon cutter. They sometimes have coupons on their website you can print and cut out too. I usually go on Wednesdays to take advantage of the overlapping sales (like someone else pointed out in an earlier post).

                  1. I love Sprouts. Bonus points for being the closest store to me. I find the produce is of good quality and I love the spicy peanuts and choose your own flavor mix taffy in bulk. And at the one near me, the seafood selection is quite nice. They also carry some interesting cooking mags at the checkout.

                    1. peppered bacon. cranberry walnut bread. housemade sausages. wild-caught shrimp.

                      1. We usually buy whatever meats and veggies are on sale that week, and shop there on Wednesdays to take advantage of their overlapping sales.

                        We used to love the fresh chicken sausages, which seem lower in fat. But lately, it seems that they're bulking them up with water somehow, because we're seeing a lot more liquid (not fat) in the pan after cooking.

                        1. I went today for the first time. Sunday afternoon was not the time to check out this new store. It was packed and I was too cranky to negotiate the crowded aisles. I did get a watermelon for $1.98, chicken Italian sausage, ground beef, and some corn on the cob 10 for $2.00. The bulk bins, which I was most interested in, were so crowded that I gave up for the day. There were lots of good deals on meat and produce. I will return during a quieter time to explore. Thanks again for all the advice.