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Jun 14, 2014 03:01 PM

QQ Kopitiam.. 626's first real kopitiam?

I was driving past PCC and saw that a new sign was up, "QQ Kopitiam", which took over lollicup (or w/e was there). Not open yet, but I'm pretty excited, hoping they are able to replicate the places I went to in singapore.

A quick google search showed that this name is also used in indonesia. Wonder if they're related, or if the owners are indonesian or chinese-indonesian?

Either way, I hope they open soon so i can get my kopi ga dai and kaya toast!

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  1. I'm guessing the cease-and-desist letter from QQ (Temple City) got lost in the mail.

    Dollars-to-donuts they will have on tap a drink concoction called the "kopi oh peng boba"?

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      "kopi oh peng boba" -> translation from hokkien/singlish is iced coffee with no creamer but with boba

      how's the laksa there?

    2. QQ has been open. I try to avoid that part of Pas at all costs; looking for reportage from PCC profs (or something).

      Old Malaya Grill in HB is very over priced and under portioned.

      1. Despite my transportation woes, I've done some recon and managed to stop by :-) True mom & pop place. Small 22 menu item (sans small beverage, smoothies and "side orders" portions of menu): Hainanese chicken, Char Kway Teow, Laksa, Mui Fun, Mie Ayam, Char Hor Fun. blimpbinge, no kaya toast. Ice kopi with condensed milk was quite good.

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        1. re: JThur01

          Thx for the update!

          No Kaya toast is a bummer, but then you can make it at home quite easily with Kaya from any market. Maybe I'll get the chicken rice and a kopi to go, then make my own Kaya toast later on to compliment the kopi!

          1. re: JThur01

            No kaya toast?! Dommage! It's not a kopitiam if it doesn't offer kaya toast.

            1. re: J.L.

              Well, at least it wasn't on the menu. You might ask.

                1. re: J.L.

                  不客氣 J.L. Let me know what they say. I didn't have much time to chat with them.

            2. re: JThur01

              Oh, and they have Iced Milo Dinosaur on the beverage menu.


              Nice report Jim!

              Side note:
              kopitiam is also part hokkien/teochew and the tiam is 店 , meaning shop.

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              1. re: blimpbinge

                Thanks blimpbinge! Not a huge menu, but I haven't found any place having that many items at one spot. And, yeah, the hours can be tricky, being weekdays only 'til 7PM.