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It's my beloved's birthday and I want to pick the right romantic spot we are staying in downtown Houston in two weeks and I need to ask as I narrowed it down to three:
Would you pick Killen's and drive 35 minutes
Stay close and go to Vic and Anthony's
Or Pappas Brothers?

Oh and he loves California cabs Silver Oak to be exact.

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  1. I dropped $250 on dinner with my GF at Pappas about a month ago. One btl of Patz & Hall Pinot ($85,, $43 at Specs), A couple of small fillet's and a couple of sides... Service was impersonal in the crowded side room seated next to a group of a dozen loud chest beating gorilla's. Wish I could get those 2hrs back. I'll never return to Pappas Steakhouse. Should have gone back to V&A!
    My steaks (purchased from Central Market) grilled, using Olive Oil & Montreal Steak seasoning, are better than I can find at any cost no object steakhouse in town.
    What I'm looking forward to trying is Killen's BBQ once the dust and hopefully the lines settles...

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      They tried to seat us in that side room for a special celebration. Every table had at least one toddler. I asked for a table in the main dining room (we had reservations way in advance) and they complied. Once there, the service was impeccable and the food was fantastic. Vic and Anthony's is great, but I wouldn't call it romantic, more like a clubby man cave/sport emporium, definitely upscale. Therefore, he might love it! I haven't been to Killen's Steakhouse, but it certainly gets raves.

    2. I have never been to Killen's and I too can't wait to try the BBQ.

      I am a BIG fan of Vic and Anthony's. Find Pappas over salted and mediocre service.

      Have never had a bad meal at Vic and Anthony's and besides the great steak they have the best Crab Cake in Texas.

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        Thanks... So I guess it is Vic and Anthony's or Killen's we await great steaks, wine and romance not a mill with toddlers.. Killen's is closed on Sundays so they recommended V&A-- many thanks!