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Jun 14, 2014 12:47 PM

Red Apron Penn Quarter - quick take

Prompted by the WCP's "24 hours of eating" story, made our way to Red Apron's D St NW location for lunch. Ordered a porkstrami, a breakfast sandwich, and a mix of farro salad and pickled radish.

Very impressive food turnout. The porkstrami is covered in a good sauerkraut and the pastrami-style pork shines. Very heavy but the flavors work anyway. The breakfast sandwich (southern comfort, they have several) is served on an italian muffin of sorts, with thin slices of tasso ham and a smoked pimiento cheese spread. The egg was perfectly fried and the tasso was fantastic, though I could have done with a heavier shmear hand on the pimiento cheese. It's a deal at $5.50. Farro and radish were simple but well executed. The sharp acids help cut the fat of the sandwiches.

They also have picnic boxes at $28 that look very interesting, especially one with fried chicken and a honey hot sauce...

Most of the non-breakfast menu (including the porkstrami) is a carryover from the 2 other locations. Don't sleep on the french fries.

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  1. that must be some kind of picnic box!

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    1. re: alkapal

      Red Apron had some Father's Day "specials" of aged beef in the $60-70 per pound range. I think I'd be afraid of grilling something that expensive myself. I couldn't send it back if it wasn't cooked right.

      I wonder if they were serving it in the restaurant.

    2. Beware their muffuleta. Why would anyone grill the bread for a muffuleta -- there's plenty of oil already. And the addition of kalamata olives is a mistake

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      1. re: dcbbq

        Gotta agree. It's a tasty sandwich, but in terms of classic muffuleta, it's a bit of a fail. I had one on Sunday and don't recall any kalamata olives.

        I love the breakfast sanwiches - the tigele bread is wonderful. I also like the porkstrami, but the best thing on the menu may be the meatball sub. Excellent meatballs, good sauce, and perfect bread with a nice, tiny drizzle of pesto. Damn that's a good sandwich.