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Jun 14, 2014 08:32 AM

Brazilian Foods for World Cup Party?

I'm getting together with just a few friends to watch USA play in World Cup on Monday. I thought it would be fun to fix some food that soccer fans might be eating in Brazil. I'm finding black bean recipes and flan recipes. Any suggestions?

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    1. Wood fired BBQ'd meat chunks (beef, lamb, chicken) on huge swords. It's the hamburger (signature dish) in Brazil. I didn't taste any marinade or sauce on them. I think well salted and then cooked.
      You could use individual skewers to serve your guests. A black bean side sounds great. A green salad with a simple vinegar, salt and olive oil dressing.
      Your flan sounds wonderful and you can make it ahead.

      1. Here are a few of my Favorite Dishes
        Acarajé - Brazilian Black Eyed Pea Fritters
        Pastéis or Empanadas
        Pão de Queijo - Cheese Breads
        Feijão Tropeiro-Pinto Beans with, Scallions, Egg, and Bacon
        Moqueca de Camarão- Shrimp Stew with Coconut Milk
        Bolinhos de Bacalhau -Fried Salt Cod Cakes
        Xinxim de Galinha- Chicken Stew with Dried Shrimp and Cashew Nuts

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          Thanks - I was kind of thinking about Empanadas. We've been to Paraguay several times and they are one of our favorite South American treats but wasn't sure if they were eaten in Brazil as well.

        2. Crow? Just kidding. LOL
          Check out the map of Brazil. Notice how many cities/towns/villages have Chinese names?
          I'd go with Chinese take out.