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Dumpling places also serving alcohol?

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  • fdb Jun 13, 2014 11:17 PM
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A friend is looking for places that serves good pot stickers, soup dumplings AND alcohol. Is there such a place?

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  1. You want beer and wine or cocktails?
    For the latter, not too many but a few notables - Peking Tavern, Bao Dim Sum House come to mind.
    For just beer and wine almost any place in the SGV has beer and wine, or let's you bring your own, or both.

    1. Glendale DTF serves excellent soup dumplings and has an upscale bar. I am not sure if they serve pot stickers or not. Check their online menu.

      1. Hakkasan

        1. Meizhou Dongpo in century city has beer and wine.

          1. Din tai Fung. Glendale.

            1. Bow Dim Sum

              1. Bao Dim Sum, Beverly and Sweetzer. Dim sum is actually at Happy Hour prices in bar all day. Full bar.