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Jun 13, 2014 08:16 PM

Good eats on our 4th trip to NOLA?

We come from another food mecca (Charleston, SC) and want to continue to eat fantastic grub in this foodie's paradise on our 4th New Orleans trip this August. In past trips we've hit the likes of Commander's Palace, Galatoire's, Brennan's, Cafe du Monde, Acme, K-Paul's and Emeril's places, Joey K's, and tons more... This time we are looking for places a little less traveled with ROCK STAR food (cheap and not-so-cheap). We love all food American to Vietnamese. Looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper, dessert, snacks and everything in between! I've got a few on my short list but want your unbiased opinions. What's new? What classic is still a "must eat" before leaving the Big E?

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  1. Were there last December and had a great dinner at Clancy's, a classic place with great food, service, and an incredible wine list (also a huge selection on single malt scotches in their nice bar area). Also had a fun dinner with really good food at Cochon. For some of the best fried chicken anywhere go to Willie Mae's Scotch House.

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      Thanks so much chinnyttown for your recommendations. Will definitely check these out!

    2. Some of my favorites with low to medium price points:

      Maurepas Foods
      Surrey's Juice Bar
      Parkway Bakery
      EAT Nola
      Atchafalaya or Dantes for weekend brunch
      Domenica (very fun for the happy hour food/drink specials)
      Cafe Beignet

      Medium to high price points:


      There are many more; part of the fun is discovering your own. Please give us a trip report if you can.

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        Great list karendor! Thanks for sharing. I'm doing my research on all of these places now. They look great. :)

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          Thanks, sweetlow....the research is half the fun right?

          Quick update: EAT Nola has ranked very high on Trip Advisor lately which is interesting.#1?? I have not been in a while but liked it quite a bit. I am not sure it has the ambiance of some of the others, noted above. It does have a great location in the "quiet" part of the quarter. Note it is: BYOB ("There is no corkage on the first bottle of wine or first six pack beer per table. Each additional bottle or six pack = $15").

          I might call EAT healthy creole? If transportation is not a problem I would probably pick Maurepas over EAT but they are both very tasty.

          Casamentos is closed until 9/9 so take that off the list.

          If you have a car (or are fine taxiing both ways), consider Parkway for a spot on the "Rock Star" list -- partially because of ambiance and tradition. I recall an iconic first experience the night before I was flying home from trip #3 sitting @ the P'way bar ingesting a spiceyOyster/Shrimp Po' Boy, Abita Beer and sweet potato fries. Very rock star experience for me. Others find other Po' Boy places more iconic, I just think P'way is awesome for a 4th visit.

          Peche & Gautreau's are certainly rock star according to the recent James Beard awards. If you are staying in or near the quarter, I would say get to Peche.

          So many choices, so little time. I am going back late next week -- so I cannot wait to try some new-to-me places: Borgne, Toups' Meatery, Biscuits & Buns on Banks, High Hat Cafe, Noodle and Pie. Yummmmmy!

      2. On the higher end, I'd suggest Patois or La Petite Grocery - both Uptown...