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Jun 13, 2014 07:07 PM

Punch recipe for drink dispenser?

I'm having neighborhood tomorrow and have a drink dispenser I'd like to use to serve an adult punch. A few questions. Any issues with that (I'll label it so it's clear)? If so, any recommendations? I was thinking of making a mojito-type drink but not sure that works.

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  1. I have one of these, and it has the nickname of "boozy juice o'matic"

    It is known for it's version of punch, loosely based on the Cosmo. Lots of cranberry juice, with lime juice, vodka, citrus rum and chopped fruit for decor. Triple sec or similar could join the party as well. I would make a big ice ring in my silicone bundt pan, so it would keep things cold and gradually dilute it as the evening progressed.

    Otherwise, a home infused vodka works great with club soda on the side to mix. Or just plain water if you want a fancy hydration station.

    1. Sounds brilliant to me!! If you're doing a mojito be wary of adding mint leaves to the mix, they could clog the spout....

      A white wine sangria could be great too, and you could use large ice cubes of frozen wine and frozen grapes to keep it cold yet not diluted.