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Jun 13, 2014 05:45 PM

Infant (x2!) Friendly Restaurants in Tokyo

My wife and I have just moved to Tokyo with our two 8 month old twins and are on the hunt for places we can eat out with them. We've found that most restaurants in Tokyo are really child friendly (the let us attach our baby seats to the table, provide us with plastic cutlery etc.), but we're also after any recommendations of places we can make 'destinations'; rather than just wandering an area in hope of finding something appropriate! We've done Chano Ma (Daikenyama) and Helinthus (Nakameguro) as examples (plus a lot of random walk in places), but hoping people on the board have some other ideas.


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  1. We've been traveling to Tokyo every year since our boy was 9 months old (he is 6 now). We found that Kaiten sushi places always work as well as Ramen and Omu-Rice places. It's hard to recommend anything specific without knowing how old your kids are but that's what we have generally made our decisions around.

    You'll probably also find that certain areas tend to be more family oriented than others. Daikanyama and Odaiba come immediately to mind.