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Jun 13, 2014 04:32 PM

Had lunch at Providence today. The new room was fine. It, quite frankly, didn't look all that different, and I'm not crazy about the wall covering. Maybe it looks better at night. But what DOES matter is that the food and service is still really first rate. Did the "special June" tasting menu....which is four courses for $80. (though there were three amuse bites....and cookies at the end) I didn't take notes, but each of the amuses was lovely and very tasty. A bite in a spoon....a sashimi taco....a salmon skin cracker with a "dip" of creme fraiche and salmon roe. The first actual course....sashimi with a poured rhubarb consomme. This was amazing....the consomme adding great depth of flavor. Then a scallop on a thai sauce that was incredibly flavorful....topped with a lovely crunchy bit of salad. then a wonderful piece of copper river salmon (sous vide?) with tiny little mushrooms and a couple of other things i don't recall. (i was too busy devouring it to notice) it ended with a chocolate dessert. i'm not much of a dessert person, but my companion is and she loved it. little petit fours to finish. and just before we left..... they gave us a little piece of wrapped (lemon?) cake for the road. a glass of rose champagne.....and a glass of gamay. i'm a very happy camper. may have to go back before the end of the month. by the way, not full for lunch. probably only a third of the tables were occupied....though i think lunch (only on friday) is not their busiest time.

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  1. Lunch for $80 pp!
    Your wallet is more heavily laden than mine.
    I don't care what they serve at that price, there is no value whatsoever, unless of course you will not be eating for the next 2 days, which I doubt!

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    1. re: carter

      "No value" because it's $80pp, or because it's $80pp for lunch and not dinner?

      1. re: carter

        Surely value is calculated relative to quality of food/dining experience?......

      2. Yes, Carter....I have the same query as mrhooks. Because it wasn't a special lunch menu.And I don't go to Providence looking for or expecting value.(if value is being defined as inexpensive) I go for what I believe to be terrific food and excellent service....knowing I will be paying a premium for it. I asked if they were serving the June tasting menu (which they do every year on their anniversary) at lunch. He said they were....and described the courses. And that's what we chose. I didn't even look at a menu, but I think the new revamped menu only offers tasting menus. And four full courses....with another four small bites thrown Providence....for $80 is a pretty good deal, I think. And trust me....I'll be eating tomorrow.

        1. Love that salmon skin cracker. Wish you could buy a bag of that to munch on as a snack. Perfect with champagne btw.

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          1. re: Porthos

            Couldn't agree more. You started with sparkling rose. Very nice....

            1. re: perk

              I meant....."we" started with sparkling rose.....