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Jun 13, 2014 04:30 PM

What food (fruits/vegs) would you still eat if moldy/spotty?

I cut some mold off my whole strawberries today, then sliced them up and refrigerated them. While I was prepping I was thinking about Freegans and how they eat from dumpsters and justifying my actions to myself. I hate wasted food. Now I see someone posting about rotten potatoes and I got to wondering. Do you just cut off the bad part and keep going or is it just automatically toss?

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  1. Not going to follow this discussion because reading about all the unnecessary waste would just make me sad.

    I've set myself the challenge of paring down the organic matter in my garbage to a bare minimum - things like shells, coffee grounds, and peels. If I were able to garden I'd compost those things to keep them from the garbage. I try hard to use things up before they spoil and if they do, to salvage and use the unaffected parts.

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      You don't have to have a garden to compost. Many places, especially neighborhood/coop gardens, accept donated compost.

    2. With most fruit and veggies, the mold is on the surface and you can easily cut it off and use the other half if you catch it early... but don't leave the cut strawberries to sit - the odds are high that when you trimmed them, the mould spores made themselves at home on the rest of the fruit and it'd show up in a day. I don't toss fruit out unless the texture of the whole fruit is mushy/bad or it has gone overripe...

      But when a potato goes bad I toss the whole thing. Rotting potatoes are just GROSS. They have such a high water content that the rot travels through the whole tuber like wildfire. (but a rotting onion can often be at least partially saved because only certain rings are bad and the rest is unaffected. It's rare for an entire onion to rot in my experience.)

      1. I just cut off the mouldy bit and eat the rest. This applies to any fruit or vegetable.

        1. I'll trim most things, but it sort of depends on how hungry/broke/environmentalist I'm feeling. Sometimes I'm lazy and wasteful though, I will admit!

          1. For me it depends on the type of food. For some foods, you can cut off the bad part and what's left still tastes good. For others, the mouldy taste permeates the rest of the item, and it needs to get tossed.

            For example - once lemons get visible mould on them not only is that lemon a goner, but there's a good chance it's infected anyone sitting by it. But I will cut off the slightly squishy gross parts of old celery with no problem.