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Jun 13, 2014 03:32 PM

Trying to recall name of bread bakery on 3rd near 63rd in the 1990's

I've been wracking my brain to recall the name of a bakery that used to be on 3rd around 63rd Street. It was next to a restaurant on the corner (can't recall the name of that either). The breads were wonderful, especially their fruit focaccia which was to die for. I'm actually on a quest to find the focaccia recipe. If anyone can shed some light on the bakery name I'd be so grateful. Thanks!

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  1. Ecce Panis was around there, on Third, as I recall.

    Could you mean Schiaciatta d'Uva, a grape focaccia-type bread made when grapes are around in the fall?

    1. Thank you Erica - that's it….Ecce Panis!!! Much appreciated