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Jun 13, 2014 03:01 PM

Kitchen tools in Bedford (Westchester) area?

i'm going to be in Bedford tomorrow and have a "desperate need" for a clam shucking knife tomorrow-- are there any shops in that area (broadly speaking) that might have that? There are no BB&B there, or Williams Sonoma-- I can of course follow up with the BBB north of me in Mohegan Lake but was trying to be more efficient (and discover a new shop, perhaps). Anywhere between Croton and Bedford would work, really, but I know the Croton area reasonably well.

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  1. Charles Department Store in Katonah should have what you're looking for. Can't hurt to call before you go.

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      That worked great-- got my knife along with a couple of other things I didn't know I needed :) Very pleasant and helpful kids who work there pointed me right to what I wanted.

      I actually spent 45 minutes parked outside Kellogg and Lawrence, not Charles, as I discovered.

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          Terrific! And now you've found a new store to explore.

          I live near you, but have been in Katonah frequently over the last dozen years for a variety of reasons.

          As I look around my kitchen (and shoe closet), many of my favorite items are ones I've purchased at that store. Often, something I didn't think would be useful--the Silpat comes to mind--are things I bought on Jim's recommendation.

          It's remarkable the breadth of carefully selected items are in that store.

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            Jim has a great knowledge of his merchandise and really believes in everything he sells, and stands behind it. I love that store.... And my Danskos!

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              I saw that they sell my favorite sandals there (I buy a new pair every 3 years or so)-- Naot

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                Its a great store. I love the neighborhood stores - it reminds me of when I was a kid. No Supermarkets, just deli, butcher,etc. Charles is great.

      1. funny, I spent 45 minutes parked in front of that store on a snowy January day this year while my son did a college interview at the library. I would have sworn it was just a hardware store!

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          Oh, no, DGresh! You need to go inside. They have wonderful kitchen tools and upstairs - grills. They are a real general store and the owner, Jim is a wealth of knowledge about his products. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Also, you might check with Mt. Kisco seafood as they might have one there.

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            +1 on mt kisco seafood
            You may be able to find an OXO brand at Target or Bed Bath (which is a bit further south)

        2. Consider the Cook in Bedford. It's a wonderful store with cooking things as well as gifts.