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Jun 13, 2014 02:32 PM

Kraft String Cheese is OUD

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  1. Saw it last week in Houston! YAY!

    1. Didn't this happen last year? Or am I misremembering?

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      1. re: DeisCane

        As far as I saw, only the Polly-O string cheese (which is owned by Kraft) went OU-D last year. This is the stuff that's actually Kraft branded, rather than just Kraft owned.

        1. re: DeisCane

          Yup. Polly-O. Kraft is new for 2014.

          I'd be curious if other Kraft cheeses (singles, shredded cheese) follow suit, but at the same time, I may worry a little bit about the kosher cheese makers as a result....

          1. re: tamarw

            People who buy OU-D Cheeses probably weren't getting a whole lot of Cholov Yisroel anyway, so probably Miller's would feel the most pain from this. But this is only string cheese so far.

            1. re: follick

              is there a chalav yisrael brand of string cheese? i do not feel bad for miller's. they have charged a premium over the years for being a kosher brand. Now, they will have competition will hopefully will lower their price

                  1. re: koshergourmetmart

                    It's not really a premium. They do not benefit from economies of scale the way the big players do. I had a friend who was a mashgiach for Miller's years ago and they did a 2-day run in a dairy on an irregular schedule. So the dairy would be operating 5-6 days a week for the bigger companies and then shut down and kasher the equipment and then run kosher batches for 2 days (in a month or every other month, it varied). He monitored the kashering, the rennet pour and the transfer of the curds to barrels for shipment to Miller's packagers. When you're dealing in relatively small quantities then it's hard to compete effectively on price.

                    I don't want to come across as an apologist for Kosher cheesemakers, but you gotta give them some credit for addressing the needs of the market. I don't doubt that they would prefer to sell more broadly and at cheaper prices, but unlike kosher meat, where it carries a cachet that may persuade non-kosher buyers to pay a premium, nobody's paying extra for string cheese or American cheese unless it's an issue of dietary observance. So nobody's getting super-wealthy on kosher cheese alone.

                1. re: tamarw

                  Oh, I get it now. Is there any difference between Polly-O and Kraft-branded, other than the brand name?

              1. Still KD at Lawrence Costco! Old stock or are only some being certifies by OU.

                1. And in other news, certain types of Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese are losing their hechshers altogether.


                  Please be advised that Kraft Foods will be coming out with a new product:
                  (Kraft Foods – Northfield, IL
                  )This product is not kosher certified.
                  It contains actual bacon and does NOT carry a kosher symbol on the package.
                  This will unfortunately also affect other Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread products. The following products will no longer be kosher certified:
                  •Philadelphia Original Fat Free Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia Strawberry Fat Free Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia Chipotle Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia Caramel White Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia 2x Protein Original Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia 2x Protein Honey Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Spread
                  •Philadelphia Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread
                  Please use extra care when purchasing Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads and verify that each package bears the OK-D symbol.

                  1. The OU Kosher website lists many varieties as being OU-D, of both Polly-O and Kraft (Jalapeno, Tomato Basil, Cracked Black Pepper, and plain mozzarella Kraft).

                    It's nice to see that more mainstream cheeses are kosher. I long enjoyed Cappiello mozzarella.

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                    1. re: tractarian

                      I just spotted the Kraft mozzarella-cheddar twists with an OU-D at super Walmart last night. Those were on the Polly-O list, but I never actually saw any with an OU, just KD. So that was a nice surprise.

                      I'd assumed that the KD versions would phase out when new packaging came in, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's been quite a while now for Polly-O, and I still see a lot that isn't OU. Hopefully with the Kraft versions switching over as well, that situation will improve.

                      1. re: hbg1

                        Thanks for sharing that you spotted the mozzarella-cheddar twists. Are these the 2% ones or the regular twists? Which Walmart location?

                        1. re: ERBSR

                          They were the regular kind, not 2%, at a Super Walmart in Maryland.

                          I guess it makes sense that the OU is not supervising all runs, but I've seen some of the flavors of Polly-O with and without the OU at different times. I was really happy to hear that the Kraft line was also going kosher.

                          I really appreciate the fact that some mainstream cheeses are now in theory available all over the country. It may not be gourmet, but it's a great thing to be able to pick up when not anywhere near a kosher store.

                        2. re: hbg1

                          The ou told me they do not supervise every place that makes pollyo. Hence the kd packag oink ng