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Jun 13, 2014 01:40 PM

Elysian Bar

Haven't seen a review posted yet and would love to get others thoughts.

We stopped in before a show last night and had a blast. Similar to Noc Noc, there are large booths in the bar area. The space feels so wide open and spacious - really perfect for large groups. Didn't get a chance to peek at the upstairs area.

Murray was behind the bar and it was fun watching him deal with all his fans stopping by. The Parisian: gin, Dolin Dry, and cassis was on point.

We started with the poutine and licked the plate. The gravy was more of a vinaigrette almost. Husband had the burger (a little on the salty side), and I wanted something light and had the grilled radicchio and romaine salad. The blue cheese cream "dressing" was a wonderful combo with the grilled char taste and the lardons were crunchy perfection!

Other companions had the Fried Clams and frites and the Boarchetta, which was also a bit too salty.

Service was attentive, yet laid-back. Really excited to have this new option downtown and they might stay under the radar for some time being on 2nd.

Fingers crossed they develop a happy hour menu!

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  1. Their fried chicken was amazing when I went with a friend. We sat at the bar and chatted with Murray while he made us great cocktails.

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      Yeah, the chili fried chicken is definitely on my list for next time!