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Jun 13, 2014 01:39 PM

Buy Softshell Crabs

Where can I buy fresh softshell crabs in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area?

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  1. Not a lot of options in that area. You could roll the dice on WF or Bristol but on the off chance they have them I'd guess they wouldn't be live. McCall's in Los Feliz might be your best bet.

    I got some barely alive suckers last week at Fish King in Glendale. You can usually find them at Santa Monica Seafood too.

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    1. re: mrgreenbeenz

      Thank you. Got a couple at Bristol Farms - $17! They were very good but too expensive.

      1. re: mrgreenbeenz

        I was just thinking Fish King. Call them a day before and they'll have them for you fresh. Last year they were $8.99/ea, what did you pay this year?

      2. Might want to give Seafood City a call and see

        Seafood City Supermarket
        134-140 S. Vermont Avenue
        Los Angeles, CA 90004
        Contact: (213) 365-9100
        Hours: 8am to 9pm daily

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        1. re: MariaFeliz

          the Seafood City in Eagle Rock did not have them on Saturday.

        2. Fish King in Glendale, callin advance for live ones set aside.

          1. $7.99 at Santa Monica Seafood yesterday. Incidentally, the cafe is selling a soft shell crab sandwich on grilled sourdough with lettuce, tomato, onions and chipotle aioli. Pay an extra $1.00 and add avocado. Wonderful sandwich. So good I had it twice this week. $22.00 with choice of salad or fries

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              sounds good - I like a soft shell crab po boy this may be as close as we get

              1. re: maudies5

                i saw that last week and almost ordered it. may have to head there and try it.....