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Jun 13, 2014 01:24 PM

Mustard oil—super fiery?

A friend had dishes in Macau laced with a marvelously pungent mustard oil. She has been seeking something like it ever since, and identified some restaurants in NYC that seemed to use it. But she has yet to experience that oil in the USA. Can you recommend a source for the oil or, better, a restaurant in the area that uses it? Not to be confused with the relatively bland mustard oil routinely used in Indian cuisine.

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  1. That may be the same sort of mustard oil used to flavor Italian mostardas (a sort of fruit preserve/chutney -- sweet and hot) and not available in the USA. The FDA is protecting us from it. Can't remember why. But, hey, if you find a source, please share.


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      Mustard oil is readily available at Indian groceries. The FDA requires pure mustard oil to be labeled "for external use only." If not so labeled, it has been blended with other vegetable oil and won't have as much flavor, which might be the "relatively bland" oil poot mentions.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        >The FDA requires pure mustard oil to be labeled "for external use only." <

        Why so?

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            Thanks. That's a great article for someone like me who knew nothing about mustard oil before seeing this thread.

    2. I think the "bland mustard oil" you speak of must not be pure, as others have said. I have bought pure mustard oil from Vik's in Berkeley and it packs a serious punch. Says external use only on the bottle.

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        I wrote "relatively bland." I am quite familiar with the oil to which you and others, including Robert, have referred. I have in mind something else.

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            Not yet, Robert, but I shall. Thanks very much.

        1. re: tandooritaco

          Tandooritaco, do you remember which brand you bought from Vik's?

        2. I saw a jar of mustard oil at 99 ranch in Concord yesterday. I imagine any 99 ranch should carry it. It looked very dark but forgot to snap a pic. Maybe this version is closer to what they used in Macau.

          1. I have bought a "pure" mustard oil that was produced in Australia. I have used it all up but I remember it did have a spicy kick, but your taste buds and mine may vary.