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Jun 13, 2014 11:47 AM

Which restaurant in Palm Beach?

Looking for a chef who uses fresh local ingredients somewhat creatively
Table 26

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  1. Meant to include The Cooper

    1. You ask the same question over and over, and never provide any feedback.

      You might get better results if you made your conversations more reciprocal.

      Give, and you'll tend to get back.

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      1. re: CFByrne

        I tried The Grove in Delray and liked it. The food was excellent but the Mai's were served lukewarm.

        1. re: nyperr

          What are Mai's? Mai Tai's? What else did you try at the Grove?
          Where else have you eaten that you would recommend?

          I think I've answered you before, but will do so one more time:

          My two favorite restaurants during this past winter were Buccan in Palm Beach, and Pizza Oceana in Lantana. Both use top-quality local vegetables including the terrific products of Swank Farm. Chefs at both are very talented, and both stray far from the oft-reproduced dishes that can be found on menus in this area and everywhere else. (For specific dishes, see online menus for both restaurants)

          I ate at both of these many times in the four months that I was in the area last winter, although neither was around the corner from my home base.

      2. Buccan is a great restaurant. Local ingredients used in the best possible way.