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Jun 13, 2014 09:39 AM

Ike's at Stanford -- Closed

Yesterday at 7PM Ike's in the Engineering building closed to be replaced by a Stanford-owned eatery next quarter. At 7:01 a student on his knees begged: "Please, I've never had Ike's." They relented. Actually the line of people there at the end wasn't long (most people had already left campus) and STILL the sandwiches took too long to come out.

Apparently last month students protested the closing until the administration said the protest was pointless -- so they stopped. As I heard yesterday, Stanford students are terrible at protesting.

My sandwich (I don't remember the "name" -- teriyaki chicken with wasabi mayo, no cheese) was trashy but ok; I liked the Dutch crunch roll. Not as fresh-tasting as the sandwich I'd had the day before at the museum's Cool Cafe, but the non-Stanford eateries are MUCH better than the ones the school runs. They're going to replace Ike's with a Axe & Palm type place (blech). So maybe the students should've protested harder.

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  1. I don't get Ikes at all. The sandwich I got was really not good.

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    1. re: essvee

      Thank goodness - I thought I was the only one. That place is atrocious...

    2. Interesting take here:

      (I am not an Ike's fan, but it's curious that Stanford is forcing out popular eateries for its own mediocre options. You'd think they would simply charge popular tenants more to use the space if they aren't content with revenues, not expand their in-house dining empire, but maybe they are making windfall profits off the associated student fees.)

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      1. re: bigwheel042

        i still have fond memories of the thai place in the basement of the math building.

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          Yes, I still think about that place 19 years later! In the psych building, next door to Math Corner. Jordan Hall Café. The curries and the chicken soup were cheap and awesome, and as a math major it was so convenient.

        2. re: bigwheel042

          I'm surprise Stanford hasn't gone to the Google model of free or complimentary food service for all. They have food trucks on campus so why the lag in innovation and culture?

          1. re: ML8000

            Uhm, because they don't have to pay students (in particular undergrads, who most on-campus dining is likely serving) to attend their university?

            If Stanford made the food free (instead of having students mostly prepay for it with fees), seems like that would open up the discussion of whether room and tuition should also be free. Which would certainly be "innovative" to expand the Cooper Union model to a much larger school, but I'm not sure that forgoing hundreds of millions in revenue is something Stanford's administration wants people talking about.

            1. re: bigwheel042

              What Stanford can't afford to do this? I think it would show the world Stanford takes care of its students, privilege be damned!