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Jun 13, 2014 08:56 AM

Fairway Market - Woodland Park

Does anyone know if the bagels, baguettes, etc. at the Fairway in Woodland Park, NJ are kosher? It's very unclear - the display cases don't have the individual R' Marmorstein logo by each item like they do in their NYC and Long Island stores. There's just a generic "kosher" sign over the display case.

The baguettes are in the standard Fairway sleeve with the Marmorstein and Chof -K logos, but they'e covered up by the Fairway price sticker. Can't tell if that's deliberate or not.

I know the cakes and whatnot aren't certified anymore outside the city, but all i care about are the bread products. I tried reaching out to Fairway and R' Marmorstein, but haven't gotten a response yet.

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  1. Did you call the branch itself or just email? I have found the Fairway staff very helpful, certainly in the store, but also over the phone. They should know the answer and be able to tell you on the spot, I would think.

    1. I emailed Rabbi Marmorstein and he said the bagels and baguettes are still kosher and under supervision.

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