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Jun 13, 2014 02:56 AM

Hix Oyster & Chop or Bruno Loubet for Su night Clerkenwell dinner?

My husband and I are doing a London staycation for our forthcoming anniversary and will be staying in Clerkenwell on Sunday night. With the limited but good quality local options on a Sunday evening (we're keen to avoid taking the tube as we do it every day), we're now between Hix's place and Bruno Loubet for dinner (possibly with a cocktail at Zetter Townhouse to start). NB: We're eating at Quality Chophouse for lunch the following day (prob w/breakfast at Modern Pantry). Any recommendations/experiences? Thanks

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  1. All those choices are good. You must go to the Zetter Townhouse whichever you go to, my favourite bar in London.

    Quality chophouse for lunch and modern pantry brunch are both excellent.

    In terms of Hix vs Bruno Loubet they are both decent (with neither being spectacular) so I would say just go with whichever food choice you prefer, classic English or elegant French.

    1. I'm a fan of Bruno Loubet and have never eaten at Hix so can't really compare them. I love the beet ravioli at Loubet and also have had some wonderful fish dishes there. As MiT said, it's not spectacular but it's a very pleasant dining room, good staff and the food is delicious.

      1. Is the Eagle open on Sundays - stopped there for a beer after the QCH lunch and sort of wished we had eaten at the Eagle the food looked very good.

        Word of warning about the QCH the tables/benches are fixed so can be a squeeze if not a size zero.

        1. While I like Bruno Loubet (excellent technique that elevates deceptively simple dishes), I've had some weak meals there on Sundays. Perhaps it's the chef's day off or something.

          If you're willing to walk 10mins or so, Sedap would be a great choice.