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Jun 12, 2014 09:02 PM

Cuban Bread

Who makes the best Cuban Bread in Tampa? Can they ship it to Wisconsin?

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  1. La Segunda Bakery. 15 h st in Ybor

    1. It doesn't travel well AT ALL. I've tried shipping it many times, and it never survives well (stale, mouldy, etc)

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      1. re: sunshine842

        It has a short life but does freeze well

      2. If you ship it in its' paper sleeve it'll arrive stale, or if the plastic bag/sleeve has micro-holes, it'll be stale... But if it's packed in a twist-tied plastic bag with no holes, it'll stay soft till it turns green in a week or two, because of the trapped moisture...

        So, if you get the bread in a few days, packed properly, and you freeze it when it gets there (you can make a sandwich first) you'll be OK...