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World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

Noticed that San Francisco's Bissap Baobab website says it's opening at 9am for World Cup viewing.

Eater published a list of places in San Francisco and Oakland that will be showing every game. And there are more suggested in the comment section.

Other recommendations for spots with hound-worthy food?

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  1. Westbrae Biergarten has a sign indicating that they'll have special hours.

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      Westbrae Biergarten was packed yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon.

    2. Balompie is my standard choice.

      Also noticed the Ponderosa is offering lunchtime viewing on their signboard out front.

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          Also, Skates on the Bay in West Berkeley.

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            It would be hard to beat Adesso in terms of food and drink quality:


            I haven't been to Venga Paella yet, so can't vouch for the food, but they're showing all games as well:


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              I am at BARCLAY right now for ESP-NED. It is a shit venue for watching the game (the crowd is not into the game, so unless you are in the corner of serious fans, it's almost just on in the background). I've watched a lot of Euro futbol at COMMONWEALTH and the crowd is knowledgeable and more or less reasonable (except for some annoying ARS fans :-)), but the TVs are too high and I personally dont like the food that much (price-perf), although better than SYSCO-based places ... nice staff.

              I was intrigued about ADESSO, but could not verify they open before 5pm. Are they indeed opening for morning/noonish games.

              The BARCLAY food sounded reasonably high concepr but just seemed SYSCOish.

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                Adesso had already added coffee service at 8am prior to the Cup, and the link above states all 64 games, so yes.

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                  Oh yeah, I saw that on your link ... unfortunately the CH software prevented me from replying.

                  Might go see URU-ENG there.

                  Ok maybe BARCLAY is SYSCO+ ... but in re: the link which says "they have 3-4 big screen TVs" ... well maybe 2 x 42" and one small one behind the bar. Nothing really big. I'd rather have watched the game at LAVALS or the FACULTY CLUB.

                  Boy that match was like watching BARCA on a bad day ... with IKER off kilter on top of that.

          2. Inside Scoop offered their list of east bay spots here: http://insidescoopsf.sfgate.com/blog/...

            1. Doctor's Lounge in the Excelsior district of San Francisco posted that it will open in time for the first game of each day and will have breakfast.

              Tacolicious will be open for all Mexico or US games at all four locations (Palo Alto and Mission, North Beach & Marina in San Francisco).

              Newly opened Minas Brazilian Restaurant & Cachaçaria offers game viewing in San Francisco's Hayes Valley/Civic Center.

              1. Rosamunde's Mission and Oakland branches will be open for World Cup games. I caught a few of the later games from the '10 cup at the Mission location and the crowds were into it.

                The Chapel will have the Mexico vs. Brazil game Tuesday on "the biggest screen in the Mission" - no word on which games they will show, or if this is a in the concert hall or just in the bar.

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                  rosamunde's would be fun.

                  La Pena also is open for the games, so for the day games, it's an opportunity to try the resto as well.

                2. If you want to try something new, the guys who opened the Corner Store have opened a new sports bar in the Tortilla Heights space on Divisadero and Bush in SF.

                  I was in there on Thursday and it is wall to wall TVs. I did not eat anything, but my friends did and the food looked really good - in particular the burger. My friends said it was fantastic.


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                    We watched two wins last Tuesday: Greece and Colombia were winners; happy crowd at San Francisco Athletic Club at 1750 Divisadero Street - surrounded by tv screens! Good pub grub: SFAC burger and SFAC nachos.

                  2. Venga Paella in Oakland is showing all the games, but is, as ever, sort of off the radar for local food press. The projector on the back wall and the flat screen over the bar give a good view of the games. Drink specials ($4 beer/sangria) and the regular lineup of tapas and paella by the plate make this a super location for enjoying the Copa.

                    1. To report on this morning's Chowdown at Bissap Baobab . . . didn't happen.

                      Two of us were on the sidewalk before the appointed hour of 9am. A staff member entered the restaurant at 8:55am and ignored my attempts to talk with him, closing the door behind him. At 9:10am, I started knocking on the door. No response, so we left a few minutes later.

                      I'll point out that the webpage says opening at 9am for World Cup. Also on its FB page someone asked if it would be open for the Colombia vs. Greece match (which starts at 9am) and the answer was "yes". Later when I walked by after 11am and noticed a delivery going on outside, I asked and was told it would open at noon.

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                        If food is not at issue, Univision is streaming all games (until the last few) free and live -- the iPad has a free app Deportes. Commentary is in Spanish, which is more interesting than the American English commentary, particularly when there is a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL. And you can supply your own food.

                        Univision feed also available on web.

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                          Heard back from BB in San Francisco that there were staffing issues on Saturday and Sunday. Since it's a popular late night venue on Friday and Saturdays, I suspect that the next morning at 9am is not going to be reliable. Also the kitchen is not open in the morning, but you're welcome to bring food in.

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                            Bissap Baobab's kitchen wasn't open at one o'clock today on 19th Street for the knockout match US vs Belgium. Bring your own food.
                            We walked around the block to Gashead Tavern - opened two months ago - lunching on mussels/sliders/fish and chips with beers. 2351 Mission Street.

                            1. re: Cynsa

                              Oh I was at a meeting at a downtown hotel so went to PRESSCLUB to analyze the USA-BEL game (wanted a place with food, not just drinks).

                              GOOD: was not crowded, was a neat space, the sound was good. TVs were decent. the DEVILED EGG ($7) were good. I think they have one of those "all day happy hours" ... like $3 off beer until some time in the afternoon. I think most beer people would like their selection but it was less interesting to me [I didnt want to drop $15 on a beer, and a few too many American and lighter beers for me] ... I didnt realize they didnt have cocktails ... until the bar person apologized about not being able to do a bloody mary.

                              BAD: The CRAWFISH CHOWDER was about a B- ... for $12 (no happy hour deal on food) ... although the FRITTERS [?] which came along with the soup were good. But really what annoyed me is the best viewing table was reserved for OLEG AND FRIENDS ... and OLEG didnt show up until +23min and his friends didnt show up until +80 ... seriously (they looked like tourists who had been shopping and touring?) ... it did seem like one of the hostesses was a bit abashed to be turning away people who wanted to sit there [this was the long table at the bottom of the stairs ... it could have held 8 people easily, and in a crowded environment, probably 15. It was occupied by ... one ... OLEG ... for most of the game ... Maybe he was a friend-of-the-house].

                              It was sort of a strange crowd (Obviously it was basically a pro-USA crowd ... I personally didnt really care who won. But I enjoyed watching the US, which is generally not the case, e.g. the game against POR was overrated. I mostly want NED not to win ... I dont like the current crop of whiny, thuggish NED (senior) players.

                        2. South Beach Cafe this afternoon felt very Italian. Everyone (working, dining, drinking there) was watching the game on a single not-huge TV. Pizza just okay.

                          1. Hot Italian in Emeryville is opening early for games (8-ish). Has a large projection screen and some other sets.

                            1. Saw photos of the viewing party at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club in North Beach. If you know a member, looks like the place to be for the upcoming Italian matches on June 20 and 24.

                              1. Il Casaro Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar, SF North Beach - I haven't tried it yet, but read good things on Y*lp.

                                1. Pedro's Brazil Cafe on Curtis near Gilman in Berkeley/Albany. Pretty wild during the Mexico-Brazil match...with a 90% Brazilian crowd. Food is the same as the place on University/Shattuck. Can't beat the crowd, if you favor Brazil.

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                                      BTW, any WORLD CUP recs for Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos ? Are those bars on Castro nice spots? Any good ethnic options?

                                      Hmm, it looks like the TUE/WED semis will be my last chance to analyze WORLD CUP@ADESSO.

                                    2. If Brazil is your team, here are some places to watch the July 4 match with your partisans:

                                      Minas Brazilian Restaurant, SF

                                      Sunstream Cafe, SF

                                      Brazil Marin, San Rafael

                                      Cafe di Casa, South San Francisco

                                      Brazilian House, Richmond

                                      Bacalhau Grill, San Jose

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                                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                                        What if Colombia is your team? At the moment we're looking at neutral ground in Palo Alto.


                                        1. re: mdg

                                          Ha! Actually I'm glad you asked as searching turned up a Colombian bakery in San Jose, Milohas, that I had not known about. No arepas, but lots of empanadas and pandebono on the menu. It will open the doors today at 11:30a for game viewing.

                                          I drove by Sunstream Coffee on Geary in SF and it's dark today and no one's answering the phone. There's a ladder inside in front of the door.

                                          1. re: Melanie Wong

                                            Ooh, thanks for finding that. I'll want to check it out in the future.

                                            We wound up at The Patio in downtown Palo Alto. The burgers were very good and there was good salad as well. The crowd was pretty even between Brasil and Colombia but the other side had lots more to cheer about.

                                            Two of my maternal grandmother's cousins ran perhaps the most famous restaurant in Bogotá during the 40s and 50s. There are restauranteurs on my maternal grandfather's side too. So some of my Chowhounding is likely genetic.


                                            1. re: mdg

                                              Pls do let us know what you find at Milohas. I've only had frozen pan de bono and I'm told, not very good ones. Looking at a recipe, its similar to Brasil's pao de queijo with the addition of corn flour to the tapioca starch.

                                      2. Gourmet Haus Staudt. No berets allowed, no French fries.

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                                          I was trying to remember if they have tv's. if they don't, there are at least a few places with in a short walk, like quinto sol and city pub, that do

                                          1. re: bbulkow

                                            If Gourmet Haus Staudt doesn't usually have TVs, they brought some in for the World Cup. They say get there early as they expect to fill up and turn people away.


                                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                              I ended up at Stein's, standing on the sidewalk. They have a HUGE TV. Other places that were rocking were Agave, the two irish bars, Tied house, buffalo siders. Maybe others.

                                              I guess the next few world cups won't be as salubrious regarding time zones.

                                        2. The bigger challenge ... where do the Costa Rican fans hang out?

                                          1. Vesuvio in North Beach had this sign out on the sidewalk this morning. The other side says you can bring in your own lunch food.

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                                              Vesuvio a sports bar? Henri Lenoir is revolving in his grave.