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Jun 12, 2014 08:05 PM

ISO: Blueberry Pie

I had a recipe for blueberry pie that I loved, have not made it in years and now can't find it. Wonder if any of you made something similar and would kindly share your recipe with me.

I believe it was single crust pie, some berries were cooked and mixed with fresh - 1:3 ratio or so - for the filling. It had intense blueberry flavour, not too sweet and very tasty.


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  1. could this be it? single crust, some cooked, some fresh.

    King Arthur also has an interesting sounding recipe that involves cooking fresh blueberries in wine and evaporating the syrup.

    1. This one has a 1:3 ratio of cooked and fresh berries:

      1. Thank you Madrid and Gmm! The recipes are identical and the filling is spot on. Rose's pie crust is a nightmare and not necessary in my opinion. I'll make a simple vodka crust. Very excited to make for my daughter and grandson who are visiting in a couple of weeks.

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          lol! - You're right, they're the same recipe by the same author. I didn't even look at the Epicurious recipe. I have the Pie and Pastry Bible, and while I like many of the recipes, there are also many that are unnecessarily fussy. I also like the vodka crust, or the Serious Eats Easy Pie Dough (also a Kenji recipe.)

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            glad to help. your query reminded me of what was then an unusual to me blueberry pie recipe in the Boston Globe years ago. It involved both fresh and frozen blueberries. The mix in this recipe seems really good, get the intensity without all the syrup liquefying the pie. I also like the single crust.