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Jun 12, 2014 06:14 PM


breakfast near renaissance arc de triomphe?

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  1. Yes.

    Perhaps a little more information might help?

      1. Head for the rue Poncelet and rue Bayern... local shopping street with cafés and bakeries off the avenue des Ternes ... browse at will and find a café that appeals. Best bakery is Pâtisserie des Rêves but not open until 10.

        Also Eric Kayser (no sitdown) boulangerie on ave des Ternes ... and Boulangerie Paul (with tables and breakfast menu) also on ave des Ternes.... if you can get over the name, the excellent and historic Maison Pou just next to Paul is great for takeout but opens at 9:30am.

        Decent, typical café and open early, La Mascotte on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré @ place des Ternes... bakery next door (never tried).