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Jun 12, 2014 06:08 PM

Flinders Lane

I decided to pay Flinders Lane a visit after reading a very favorable review of the restaurant in the NY Times. The meal definitely lived up to expectations, as I found so much to like about the creative Australian-inspired cuisine. British, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Southeast Asian, somehow all of these flavor profiles find their way onto the menu, and the resulting outcome is a model UN of shared plates.

Flinders Lane uses the small plate approach in their menu planning, so while the portions are small, there's more opportunity to try many different things. The best by far were the grilled lamb rack and the tandoori rabbit. Grilled lamb "rack" was more like grilled lamb lollipops, but very good ones where the meat was tender, moist and devoid of gaminess. The rabbit meat was also tender and flavorful, a hybrid of the tastiest pork loin and chicken breast you can find.

The curry laksa was also good--not quite as thick, spicy and hearty as the Malaysian kind, but still very creamy and comforting. The diver scallops were tasty, but it was really the macadamia-chili relish that was the real star. Stirring the savory and sweet bits of nuts and vegetables into some rice was one of the highlights of dinner.

The spicy soft shell crabs were fine, but I thought they were a bit overseasoned. I also wasn't sold on the oysters kilpatrick--I like my oysters raw, not cooked in a Worcestershire bbq-like sauce.

There was also a lot of thought put into the cocktails. They're distinctive in that they are vegetable based--imagine going to Liquiteria for juice, only they're all spiked. The sugar snap pea smash was excellent, as was the smoked carrot margarita.

For pictures and a lengthier description of the other dishes, see below

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  1. Thanks for the report. I would def give it a shot.

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      Fantastic! Let me know if you try some of the other small plates, there were so many things I was curious to try.

      1. re: gabandgobble

        Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this thread. I went back couple weeks ago. Amazing all around. They changed menu seasonally. For that night, I like the Aussie sausage in pastry (think pig in a blanket) and the scallops. Entree, the audtralian barramundi was very good. See my full review

        PS. they have happy hour every day - 50% everything on the menu betwee 6 and 8pm.

    2. we went last week. Loved the oysters and the special of grilled shrimp.we thought the tandoori rabbit was a bit dry. Loved the atmosphere and the staff. Will definitely go back.