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Jun 12, 2014 06:02 PM

Paris dinner

My husband and 2 adult kids will be in Paris at end of June. For our last night I am trying to decide amongst 4 restaurants-Ribouldingue, Le Pre Verre, Bistro des Gastronomes and Desvouges. Appreciate any opinions!

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  1. Ribouldingue: famous for organ meats. Haven't updated my notes for years though, but I hear the place is still good.

    Le Pré Verre: after the owner sold it a couple of years ago, only a shadow of its former self. No longer recommended.

    Le Bistro des Gastronomes: I liked it a lot the only time I went. Place still open, there was a good chef in the kitchen, so I guess you can keep that one.

    Desvouges: absolutely not. Terrible, greasy place.

    In my book, you're now left with two out of four. I realize your 4 bistrots are all in the same area. So as a replacement, let me recommend Le Languedoc, Dans les Landes (before it moves to the Bourse neighborhood, sniff sniff), or Terroir Parisien.