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Jun 12, 2014 04:06 PM

north MKE+, any decent places for fruit to make preserves?

I am going to get back into doing jam, I need a good source for fruit.
My garden by request of the teenager is now all catnip. The "upside down" strawberry things never worked for us. My better two-thirds complains that I always make too much, so for the regulars, there will be excess available. Also some cordials done with the preserves and an older cordial maker.

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  1. Strawberry picking time at Basse's a little west of 45 on County Line.

    There's also some produce truck that stations itself in various locations throughout the season with things like Michigan blueberries and southern peaches. I'll post info as soon as I find it.

    Farmer's markets are also good sources.

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        Thanks! They will be within a mile of me next week!