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Jun 12, 2014 04:04 PM

stainless appliances that don't show fingerprints

We are remodeling the kitchen and I want stainless appliances - stove, dishwasher, fridge and microwave - but I don't want to constantly clean fingerprints. Any suggestions for product? Specific models, finishes and/ or tips for keeping them clean?

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  1. I have various brands of stainless appliances in two homes and they all show fingerprints. If I were a fussier person I'd probably regret getting them. But I'm not so I don't.

    1. Oiling or waxing the surface will help.
      "Clean the stainless steel with a cloth dipped in soap and water. Alternatively, spray window cleaner on the surface and wipe it off with a cloth.
      Apply distilled white vinegar, lemon juice or soda water to a clean cloth. Rub the stainless steel with it to increase shine and remove any stubborn prints that survived the previous cleaning.
      Drip a little olive oil or scent-free baby oil onto a clean cloth, or scoop some furniture polish or car wax onto a cloth. Buff the stainless with the oil, polish or wax until you have applied a thin, even layer of it to the steel.
      Continue buffing the stainless steel until it has a uniform shine. The oil, polish or wax makes the surface more resistant to grease and fingerprints.
      Repeat this cleaning and buffing process as part of your normal weekly or biweekly housekeeping routine. This keeps the buffer layer intact and prevents fresh fingerprints from accumulating on the surfaces of your appliances."

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        I used that on my range hood and, yeah, it didn't show fingerprints but it caught every speck of dust in the air :(

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          I use mineral oil on my range hood, too. It makes it easy to clean every week, with any dry towel. I just wipe the dust right off. I mean, its going to get dusty anyway, yeah?

          I normally just tear off a half sheet of paper towel to clean the whole thing. Mine's a chimney style, so there's a bit of metal to wipe. It takes maybe 2 minutes, including time spent retrieving the stepstool from the pantry.

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            Mine's like yours but I'm lazy :)

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          I don't absolutely know this was the cause but my microwave went out. It worked for a while depending on how the door was shut. I think it was the door sensor that went out. I had been cleaning around the door open button with disinfectant wipes that cleaned fngerprints off the stainless steel. I suspect the chemicals corroded the electronics.

        3. You can only buy them at a special appliance store run by unicorns.

          Seriously, stainless=fingerprints. There were some non-fingerprinty models that popped up a few years ago that were stainless colored plastic.

          Get Weiman's stainless cleaner and don't stress over it. (Although spendy, we get the Weiman wipes. 1 will do the fridge, 3 ovens, the dishwasher and the trash compactor.)

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            After cleaning, I apply restaurant grade stainless cleaner, BUT make sure it's oil based not water. They sell both kinds but water is useless.

            The oil based is specially designed for delis etc where there are tons of stainless counters and cases, once applied you just have to swipe it to make it smooth and perfect looking again. Lasts quite awhile.

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              +! on the Weiman's. Wipe it on, wipe off with a paper towel.

              My Frigidaire gallery appliances are pretty good -- the fridge shows *nothing*, the stove and micro show minimally.

            2. Barkeeper's Friend. I use it on my cookware (some copper, some stainless), my stainless sink, my stainless appliances as needed. It gradually builds up a fine "patina" that makes fingerprints less obvious. Be sure to follow the instructions--it works best in a wet paste. And only use it on real stainless, not "stainless look" things.

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                I cannot imagine why you would want a built-up "patina" on stainless steel appliances.

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                  I wouldn't dream of using Barkeeper's Friend or any abrasive on a stainless steel appliance. It will destroy the beautiful polished surface.

                2. Brushed or satin finish will hide fingerprints and scratches better than polished finish. I use Bar Keeper Friend on our stainless steel sinks and appliances.