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Jun 12, 2014 02:29 PM

Grocery Outlet (June 2014)

Looks like no one's started a June thread yet.

6/12 - Rohnert Park

-Pacific organic chicken broth, 4-pack of 8oz ea, $1.49. This is a great value as this is usually close to $5 at my local market.
-Sabra Hummus, supremely spicy flavor $2.99 (they had several flavors including original and garlic)
-Stretch Island Fruit Chews (no added sugar fruit snack) $1.99
-479 degrees popcorn, caramel, ginger, sesame seed flavor $1.49 (also saw the black truffle flavor)
-HK Anderson peanut butter filled pretzels (24 oz. if I'm remembering correctly) $4.99
-Chuao Spicy Maya chocolate bar $2.99
-Scharffen Berger milk chocolate bar w/almonds & sea salt $1.99

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  1. Thanks, I'll have to keep an eye out.

    1. I bought the 479 black truffle popcorn ... good flavor but popcorn was soggy.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Bummer! I just tried the caramel flavor I bought today and it was great. Popcorn was crunchy, and the caramel was good without being overly sweet. Ginger was not too overpowering. I couldn't taste the sesame seeds at all.

      2. The 4-pack of Pacific organic chicken broth was at the Redwood City store yesterday.

        Also sighted was the salted Anchor butter from New Zealand. I think it was $1.49 or $1.99.

        1. The extra aged gouda that tm posted last month is back at the Berkeley store:

          "tm... May 22, 2014 11:03 PM

          Picked up a few things at the Berkeley store today:

          Uniekaas Hollandse chevre "extra aged" $6.99/lb--I'll be back tomorrow to pick up more of this. I think I've had their "goat gouda" before and thought okay. This version, which had an "extra aged" sticker over the regular label had crystalline inclusions and a nice, nutty flavor. "

          This was missing from the Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Vallejo stores. Get it while it lasts!

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          1. re: NapaSpy

            This cheese was available in Palo Alto as of Tuesday 6/17 (special fridge case in the wine area), and I think I also saw it in Milpitas last week (regular cheese area).

            1. re: sweethooch

              there is a special fridge case? I never go into the wine section, but LOVE having the new grocery outlet here.

              Probably gone, but Monday got:

              Hebrew National all beef hot dogs for 99 cents for kids.
              Hillshire farms turkey - not great stuff, but for $3 for 3 packs - it was worth it.
              Nature's Path gluten free cereals 2.50/bx- cinnamon and another. We haven't tried yet, but related to the maple sunrise which is decent stuff.
              Sam's mill gluten free bars - great for biking. 1.29 per box.
              We quickly depleted the saurkraut from Germany. Nothing but cabbage and salt in the ingredients. Doesn't replace my favorite local stuff, but pretty good.
              Jamba juice bars, coconut passion fruit - not bad. $1.50 per box of 6.
              Sunspire vegan natural peanut butter chips were not good.

              Didn't buy but have been sorely tempted - large box (15 I think) salted caramel haagan daaz ice cream bars for $8.

            2. re: NapaSpy

              Lots and lots of "extra aged" in Petaluma today.

            3. links to a report that GO is looking for a buyer.