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Jun 12, 2014 02:12 PM

I95 in GA - seafood lunch for single female traveler

I'll be driving home to DC from South Florida and want to stop for lunch somewhere in Georgia for ideally some lovely fresh seafood and a good solid hour long break from a long drive. I originally considered Savannah since I could walk around, but am open to other suggestions. I've been reading other CH threads about B&Js in Darien, for example, but as a single female traveler I got quite conscious that I might invite some unwanted, unwelcome attention off the beaten path (sadly it's happened before - I'm looking at you gross pickup-truck driving guys outside of Atlanta!). I'm a complete food snob when it comes to seafood - fresh and simple is my preference. I considered roadside BBQ, but I need to get out and stretch and walk a while after the 5+ish hour drive. Any and all suggestions welcome.

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  1. I've been to B&Js a couple of times and based on those visits, do not think you would have a problem. It is not a bar and did not appear to be a hangout of any sort. I doubt ifi they would put up with harrasment of a diner. I saw mostly local working people and a few families, and a table of German tourists, in the afternoon.

    If you want slightly more upscale, you could try Skipper's, also in Darien. Skipper's is on the water and is more attractive. I've peeked in but not eaten there, as I am partial to B&Js. I believe that both have highway billboards telling you where to exit I-95; they seem to be on opposite ends of Darien.

    1. I second Erica's suggestion of Skippers. It's a lovely restaurant, good seafood, a great place to walk around right on the river. There's also some great shops up on the street where you turn in to get to Skippers- a wine store, an antique shop, and a gift-type place- which would be fun to browse around in also.

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      1. You should not have any problems at B&Js my 78 yr old mother goes weekly.

        1. Stopped by BJ's with the family on the way up, the shrimp was fresh and perfectly fried. The place was a family restaurant and the staff was very nice. I don't think you would have any problem as a single traveler there

          1. I don't think you would have a problem at B & J's. My shrimp were excellent but the atmosphere was not of the stay and linger sort. That said, it is just a cinder block building with asphalt around it. It isn't in a pleasant walk location and other break amenities were less than optimal in this female travelers opinion.

            Personally I will try Skipper's next time I'm driving that stretch. The river would be relaxing and I like to take a stroll to break up a long drive.

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              The shrimp at B & J's is beyond amazing. The ladies' "accommodations" are severely lacking. Repeat: severely lacking. But there's no reason for a woman to feel uncomfortable there.