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Jun 12, 2014 01:59 PM

Lumpia Recommendations?

Wahine has a Phillipino friend who used to share with us large portions of enormous batches of his delicious lumpia. He's now moved, and we have the Jones.

Where in the Seattle area can we find good lumpia?


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  1. I take it you mean the fried egg rolls -- "lumpia shanghai" -- usually with a savory ground pork / shrimp filling-- vs "lumpia sariwa," which is made with a crepe-like wrapper and filled with vegetables. Either way, Inay's Asian Pacific Cuisine on Beacon Hill is my go-to spot for Filipino cuisine, and both of their "lumpias" are excellent. Stop by any day for lunch and try their combo plate... they usually have about eight entrees to choose from, and pick up a side order of lumpia.

    I can probably dig up a photo of their lumpia shanghai if you're curious about what the filling looks like. Trust me, it's meaty and quite good.

    Also, please note that Filipino (inhabitant of the Philippines) is always spelled with an "F" and never with a "Ph."

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      I stand corrected. No need for the foto--I'll phollow your rec to Inay's.


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        I note Inay's does crispy pata and sisig. What do you think of them there, gumption? It's not turo-turo, right? (I couldn't tell from the website but I think not).

        Love their description of dinuguan as chocolate meat :-).

        Wonder if the calamansi juice is canned or fresh...

        1. re: grayelf

          They are turo-turo (food court, point-at-your-choices style) only during lunchtime. Their crispy pata is excellent; I have not had their sisig but trust it's up to par. Don't know about their calamansi juice but their halo-halo is yummy and includes all of the authentic components.

          I once organized a dinner meetup group of twenty there; working with the owner, we came up with a family-style feast covering most of the dinner menu. Everything was solid, just like real home cookin'.

          My only complaint about them is that they don't add oxtail in their kare-kare... instead they use regular beef stew meat. Granted, the flavors are all there... I just prefer to do some gnawing when kare-kare is on the menu.

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          There's a Filipino Street Food Pop-Up outside Inay's tonight, FYI:

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            Hi, gumption:

            Wahine & I had lunch yesterday at Inay's. We both had the 2-entree special with rice, and a side of the Lumpia Shanghai. I had the pork adobo and beef in coconut sauce; she had some kinfd of fine noodles and the same beef.

            While everything was good, plentiful and an astounding value, I wasn't bowled over by anything we tried. But thanks for the recommendation.

            Next stop: Isla Manila.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              Lots of meat in your choices. You should've tried the pinakbet (like ratatouille) just to offset the heavy meats. It comes with okra and very tender yellow squash -- so good!

              I've done Isla Manila once and do like their concept of dim sum portions. If they are still doing the all-you-can-eat pricing, try to sample as many dishes as you can. I doubt lumpia is offered in that format as they would most definitely get cleaned out. And hold back on the rice so that you don't get full too soon!

          2. Yes it's a good thing to have Filipino friends who make mass quantities of lumpia. I don't get them often but I think you also need banana sauce, the hot style, or at least sweet chili sauce. The banana sauce similar to ketchup is excellent for omirice omelet.

            Seafood city down at southcenter mall near the airport turnoff from I5 is the center of things Filipino. I'm pretty sure you can get lumpia there though I have not myself. They have a fairly large hot deli besides pastries and fried bananas and such. Also strange drinks. Other Filipino franchises nearby.

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              I am not a fan of the Seafood City deli AT ALL. I dropped by for pancit once and found it to be lacking of many of the key ingredients and toppings. It really was pretty much just vermicelli noodles and nothing else... no celery, carrots, cabbage, chicken, shrimp, etc. If they want to skimp, fine... but that really was an insult.

            2. I dunno about lumpia specifically, but the Oriental Market in Pike Place Market has amazing fish siningang and chicken adobo, both for under $10 with pancit on the side.

                1. re: forserious

                  This place looks fantastic and I've never seen any mention of it here. Thanks!