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Brampton 2014 memorable eats, markets, food shops, restaurants

It's time to start a new Brampton thread. Recommendations for memorable, delicious, above-average food? Any price point, anything worth a visit?

"The City of Brampton is bordered by Highway 50 (Vaughan) to the East, Winston Churchill Boulevard (Halton Hills) to the West, Mayfield Road (Caledon) to the north (except for a small neighbourhood, Snelgrove, which is part of Brampton despite extending somewhat north of Mayfield Road) and the hydro corridor (Mississauga) to the south except at Finch Avenue (at this point, Finch Avenue serves as the border between the two cities)." (Wiki)

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  1. Toshi sushi on Gillingham or Sushi House in downtown Brampton are amazing. Dare to be fresh Poutine on Main st is great. Thai Pepper on Fisherman dr is delish.

    1. Kwality Sweets on Steeles is still a good standby for authentic Indian food, drinks and sweets (including a separate ice cream parlour). On this week's visit, however, the tandoori and haryali chicken were dry. http://kwalitysweets.com
      Prices are now higher than listed on the online menus.
      Try the gobi paratha.

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        Their prices have creeped up quite a bit, and the quality is really hit and miss.

      2. Paradise Chicken just opened at 53 Kennedy Road North (at Queen) across from Central Peel. They marinate and batter their own fried chicken. Other items are from-frozen. They are trying to replicate Popeye's style of cuisine but it's run by a local man and his family (no previous restaurant experience).

        1. This past year, I've had decent food at Drupati, RD's Southern BBQ, and Tonino's (I only ever order their pasta.)


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            RD's was getting good reviews when they opened, but next to no reviews since.
            What'd you have, and how was it?

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              We asked the owner-smoker what to order and he steered us towards the really smoky, tender meats. Probably the brisket, will try to remember for sure.

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                I still go there once or twice a year and am never let down. The sandwiches are always great.

            2. Cafe D'oro.

              Italian hot table. Wonderful.

              6660 Kennedy Rd.