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Jun 12, 2014 12:42 PM

Elkridge/Annapolis in July

I will be in Elkridge, MD the weekend of July 18-21. We will have a car, so can get wherever but would like to stay in the Elkridge and Annapolis area. I don’t want to go into the Inner Harbor or Fells Point area of Baltimore.

I am in search of crab cakes and pit beef. I’ve been doing some research in Chowhound and thought I had some great places for crab cakes (G&M, Timbuktu, Gunnings to name a few) only to read that Gunning’s is currently closed and that a lot of places use non-local canned crab. Heck, I can get that here in Cleveland and make my own 

So, I am looking for a place that serves crab cakes with little or no filler using Maryland crab. I also found (mostly) good reviews for Olive Grove, Annapolis Seafood Market and The Edgewater restaurant. Any other suggestions or should I just forgo the crab cake and go to Cantler’s (or any other place?) for real MD crabs? I also need a place that has decent carnivore fare since my husband is not into seafood.

I would also like some recommendations for pit beef sandwiches, which I just learned was a Baltimore favorite. I thought I hit the one I was looking for when I came across Big Fat Daddy’s, but it seems they moved to PA and do catering and festivals only and is not open to the public. What are some other good places?

Thanks for any help.


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  1. The crabcakes at Olive Grove are much better then G&M. Also, Pappas (Glen Burnie--close to Elkridge) has excellently meaty crabcakes.

    If you want high end--great food and atmosphere/service, you must try the Elkridge Furance Inn. The chef offers many selections to entice seafood lovers and there is a separate listing of the choices for meat/steaks.

    Chef Daniel also experiments with more unusual proteins--i.e., rabbit, bison, foie gras.

    IN addition to your location, you may want to consider traveling to Columbia, which is much closer then Annapolis. Kings Contrivance is lovely--Iron Bridge Wine Company--Jesse Wong's Aesean Bistro--Victoria Gastro Pub, just to name a few. FoiGras

    1. For pit beef. there are of course arguments as to who has the best. But among the top contenders, and fairly close to Elkridge is Pioneer Pit Beer (note their hours, 11-5 weekdays & Sat, not open Sunday):

      1. Thank you Foi Gras and Ivysmom. Is the brunch at Elkridge Furnance Inn good. That's one of our higher end meals planned. Pioneer pit beef sounds great, thank you. I'll have to be sure Pappas (and yes that was another highly touted place). Thanks for your input.

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          It's been about a year since I've been, but the Elkridge Furnace Inn brunch is quite good.

          Also, if you like Italian, add Aida Bistro to the Columbia list...

        2. I can endorse both Cantler's for Crabs and Annapolis Seafood's Crab Cakes (though we usually just make them at Home)