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Anywhere to get good salumi closer to downtown than Eataly?

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I'd like to pick up some nice salumi tomorrow for the Italy/England World Cup match on Saturday. I work at World Financial Center and Eataly is a good half hour in the wrong direction for me. I assume that there is nothing good in the Financial District, but how about Tribeca? Soho? Anywhere below 14th on the West side..? I want some really good stuff -- fatty sopressata, very good aged parm cheese, nice olives, etc. Any ideas? Forza Azzurri!!

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      Murray's is a great option. And right next door to Faicco's.

      1. re: Alan Henderson

        Di Palo's, Agata & Valentina on University, even Whole Foods has a nice selection. Dean & DeLuca. A little further north, Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market.

        And if you don't mind Spanish stuff - Despana on Broome.

        Realized you're looking for west side, but...

        Formaggio Essex in the Essex St. Market, Union Market on Houston and Avenue A

      2. The best sopressata is at Faiccos on Bleecker. Get the spicy. A pound is about $15

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          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Love to buy prosciutty there as well

        1. The best sopressata is at Faiccos on Bleecker

          1. Another vote for Di Palo's. Allow time for a fun, relaxed experience that might include waiting in line.

            There's also Il Buco Alimentari, which has good stuff but I found annoying on my last visit. (I was charged more than the price posted, no apology, just "I guess that price wasn't updated.")

            1. Faicco's on Bleecker, diPalo (and Alleva) on Grand. No need for anything else.

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              1. re: bob96

                Agreed! And that trio was around long before Eataly!
                BTW: Lou DiPalo is coming out with a book in September.

                1. re: erica

                  Only tourists buy salumi at Eataly

                  1. re: AubWah

                    Totally ridiculous statement.

                    I like the salumi plenty at Eataly, and they're one of the few places that actually knows how to slice and package their stuff.

                    1. re: mitchleeny

                      Faicco's, Alleva, and DiPalo certainly do. As do any number of salumerie in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

                    2. re: AubWah

                      I am not a tourist; I buy salumi from Eataly (as well as other places)

                2. Go out of your way to Salumeria Biellese
                  on 8th ave and 29 st. In my opinion they have the best selection and quality in the NY metro area including some French specialties.For the latter, after the Azzurri win.

                  1. Old news now but...

                    Despana and Faiccos, Boun Italia up in Chelsea... but also, for convenience there is a Whole Foods that probably carries Framani.