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Jun 12, 2014 08:21 AM

Where can I buy large quantities (an amount resulting in 8 cups of leaves or more) of basil anywhere in an arc from Ft. Myers to Plant City to Tarpon Springs?

Growing a large quantity of fresh basil outside is not possible for me. (I can grow some on a pool patio but not in the quantities I want.) I rarely make pestos using fresh basil because buying the small quantities available to me from Publix or other grocery stores is prohibitively expensive. I also like using fresh basil in a lot of other dishes. Where can I buy big bunches of basil (or basil plants) for a low price in an area of Ft. Myers in the south, Plant City in the east, and Tarpon Springs in the north? I live in Tampa. Thanks!

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  1. Is there a trader joes nearby? They have a salad box clam shell full pretty cheap.

    1. Faithful Farms in Palmetto (just south of the Skyway) should have what you need

      1. Go to the Tampa Wholesale produce Market, you will get fresh produce at really, really great prices!! Just walk around from stand to stand, everything you can imagine, tropical fruits and veg, Florida grown produce, etc. As a bonus stop at the now famous "Taco Bus" restaurant on the grounds.

        1. You know, I recall seeing packages of fresh basil over at the Sanwa market on East Hillsborough Ave.

          Although that was a couple of weeks ago.

          1. Thanks, deet13, ospreycove, cflynn and divadmas. I will try out all of your suggestions.