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Jun 12, 2014 07:05 AM

Best of Louisville

We will be in Louisville for one day and I'm looking for the best place for lunch(needs to be close to airport).
What do you think of these possibilities?
Stevens and Stevens Deli
Marks Feed Store BBQ
Uptown Cafe

Appreciate your insight chowhounders!

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  1. depends on what you want, how far you're willing to go and what food you want to eat....Downtown isn't far from the airport and you have The Brown Hotel for the famous Hot Brown, there's Doc Crow's Raw Bar and BBQ, There is Taco Punk, there is Hillbilly Tea, Mayan Cafe, Near the airport off of Preston Hwy is Mirage, a ME place, Koreana II and a ton of real deal Mexican, If you want more choices.... let me know

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      Thank you for those recs!Would you consider any of the places I mentioned worth visiting?

      1. re: ferrett1

        Marks is good for what it is, a local chain, Steven and Stevens is not where I would go if I had to go for lunch and never been to Uptown

    2. Wherever you go, make sure they serve Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Best beer I have ever had. Very difficult to get outside Kentucky.