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Jun 12, 2014 06:03 AM

Trenton Area Eatery?

I have been flying in and out of Trenton lately and am looking for a place to do lunch around there? Something authentic Jersey? Or authentic something, not just the 2014 trend of the year? I have heard something about Tomato Pie? what other delicacies exist in this area?

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  1. if you are flying in/out of TTN, head south on I-295 to the exit for Sloan Ave. East. Just past the AMC movie theater you'll hit DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies on the right. The building was formerly a Bob Evans restaurant and lacks charm, but it's good tomato pie and pizza.

    1. Tomato pie is a Trenton fav.

      The long time and most well liked places including De Lorenzo's, the other De Lorenzo's (as recommended by BeeZee), Papa's, etc have moved to the burb's around Hamilton/Robbinsville - opposite side of town from the airport.

      Closer to the airport there's Danny's Tomato Pies, Palermo's and more. They probably serve a fine product, but I'd go to one of the originals:

      If you're in the mood for simple NJ-Mex, try Mexican Mariachi Grill. Small family run place, a couple minutes from the airport.

      1. There are some decent Polish places on Olden Ave , North of Rte 1c . As far as South of Rte 1 nothing there .

        1. A couple of other suggestions, not sure if they are what you are looking for...

          Very close to the airport, 1400 Parkway Ave, is Barbara's Hungarian food.

          On Olden Ave, just north of Route 1, is Rozmaryn, a great little Polish restaurant. They have limited hours so call ahead. Also nearby is a Polish market, Cosmo.

          Also on Olden, south of Route 1, is Taqueria el Mariachi. The neighborhood is a bit run down but personally I have never felt unsafe there. Delicious, really authentic Guatemalan and southern Mexican food.

          1. I am torn between Tomato Pie and Barbara's Hungarian, thank you all so much for the suggestions!