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Hamburg - Turkish options at Köz Ocakbasi, Steindamm 6

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Köz Ocakbasi is probably the busiest eatery along this stretch of mainly Turkish kebap shops and casual eats along Steindamm (the end closer to the Hauptbanhof)

What we had:
- Dometesli Kebap (kebaps with bulgur and grilled peppers)- fragrant & smoky. The bulgur was perfect.

- Beyti Sarma (lamb cubes wrapped in flatbread, with yoghurt and tomato puree dressing) - colourful and very tasty.

- Pirzola (grilled lamb chops), very tasty - served with tomato-flavoured bulgur.

- Patlican Ezme Alti (kebaps atop aubergine puree) - the aubergine puree was light and flavoursome. Lamb was soft & yielding, and very weell-seasoned.

Köz Ocakbasi - Barbecue House
Steindamm 6, 20099 Hamburg
Tel: 040 24874515

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