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baseball picnic ideas

Hey folks, I'm heading to a baseball game and am putting together a laptop picnic we can enjoy while watching the game. Right now I'm thinking:

great bread (local bakery)
roasted garlic
baked olives with citrus rind
liver pate (we both love this)
gooey cheese
cherry tomatoes
aged gouda? (he's Dutch and loves his gouda (so do I), but is the flavor maybe too deep with the pate?)
he and I also both love blue cheese

I want to stay away from anything that requires a fork or spoon, though (clearly) I'm ok with knives/spreaders.

I'm thinking we could use something besides the cherry tomatoes to brighten things up. What do you think?

Very interested in your ideas! Thanks!!!

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  1. Sounds like you need some acidic things. Pickled vegetables would be a good addition. Red onions, beets, radishes, shallots etc.

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    1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

      Eat, I totally agree! I am a little nervous about pickling ever since I made some really nasty pickled red onions. Do you have suggestions of things I could make on Thursday that would be ready to eat on Friday? Thanks!!

      1. re: miss louella

        I've recently been using these recipes:
        I use the onion recipe for radishes. I like chioggia beets especially.

        I do them instantly in a chamber sealer but I think that they would be pretty tasty after sitting in the fridge overnight as well.

        The first pickled thing I made was red onions and they were garbage, didn't try any more for a few weeks after that incident.

        1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

          Such a relief to hear about someone else trashing pickled onions. They seemed sooo easy I couldn't believe they were so nasty. Thanks for the recipe tips--I think beets are in our future... though I may have some radishes ready to pull--if so, maybe those too.

          Thanks again!!!

          Also, I'm thinking of bringing some lettuce leaves (not sure --I'll have to buy them after playing in the big city before game time). But do you think it would be weird to use lettuce leaves as a fresher (additional) holder of goodness?

          1. re: miss louella

            I've been really loving pickled radishes lately, the texture is almost like pickled ginger, I serve it will all kinds of things.

            Maybe add some kind of cured meats too, whatever you can find locally.

            I'd personally skip the lettuce, it will probably get wilted before the game. Also, I'm a carb fiend, I'll eat a whole baguette in a sitting if nobody takes it away.

            1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

              Cured meats! Great idea!! I'll have to pre-slice since I can't bring in sharp knives, but that's totally do-able.

              I'm with you on the bread. And v happy to skip the lettuce since I'd only add it for its lightness--not any kind of delight. Yeah, it would wilt, ***that's*** why I didn't bring any! :-)

    2. This isnot a stadium game so they let food in?
      They let in alcohol? Mini bottles of cab?

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        It is a stadium game but they let in food but not drink. (I don't know why.) Though I would *love* to bring in our own wine. Not gonna happen, sadly. Even so, I'm very very glad they allow food; I'm a baseball fan but one who's happier with non-stadium noshing.

        1. re: miss louella

          I love ballpark food, but that is cool they let you bring food in. I don't think I have ever been to a stadium like that!

          1. re: LaLa

            Most stadiums let you bring food in, just not (unsealed or large) beverages.

            What stadium are you going to? As someone who frequently brings food to games, I fear you are being a little ambitious. The seats are usually not that big, and unless it's empty you'll have neighbors on all sides. If it's a high-school game or cape code league where you can spread out, it one's thing, but you may have a hard time in a stadium.

            Better to take all those items on your list and pre-make sandwiches. Maybe bring some peanuts or cookies, but beyond that you may be setting yourself up for hard time.

      2. Fruit. Grapes would be easy or berries. I'd rather have apples but that might be tricky depending on how long between packing/slicing and eating. And cured meats, as recommended but then again, I'd probably concentrate more on a good charcuterie.

        1. Smoked salmon

          Also might be nice to get some traditional baseball fare like popcorn (maybe cracker jacks) and in shell peanuts to munch on.

          Don’t forget the wet ones or some type of hand wipes!

          1. if it's a very warm day, gooey cheese is going to be VERY runny, so you may want to focus on harder varieties, like the aged gouda -- comte, double gloucester, valencay, tommes.

            a few pieces of other cured meat would be great, depending on how good the charcuterie is in your area.

            agree with others about something pickled. quick pickled carrots or green beans would be nice, as would some spiced nuts for crunch.

            add in some seedless grapes or cubes of melon if you can find any that are decent as a fresh last course.

              1. The logistics of eating this would be my biggest concern...
                Is the roasted garlic like a paste for the bread? Definately remove from the head of garlic, you don't want to do that on site....
                Supermarkets sell packets of sliced apples in the produce section, which IMO you need for the cheese. Semi firm cheeses will make your life easier, and blue might over power your liver pate.
                Pack on the conservative side, you won't want to bring home any leftover pate and cheeses....

                1. Ummm. Baseball, you say? What about hot dogs?

                  1. Thanks so much for all your ideas and suggestions. We'll be chowing down at the SF Giants' stadium, so lots of good food nearby and excessive heat should not be a problem.

                    Based on your astute comments, I've decided:

                    1. I need to have an apps-only dinner soon
                    2. Tomorrow night's baseball game is not the venue for that
                    3. Simple is much better for laptop nibbling

                    I've streamlined things to be super easy to grab along the way. Am also packing light because there's an entire stadium full of food if we're still peckish and I definitely don't want to take bits and pieces home. Also, hotdogs, peanuts etc. are covered at the park, so I won't be bringing them along.

                    New plan:

                    blue cheese stuffed olives (done)
                    sugar snap peas (done)
                    cherry tomatoes (done)
                    roasted beet slices (messy but done)
                    toasted walnuts (done)
                    Josey Baker bread (I'll be in that neighborhood for a different errand and really want to check it out--one-bite crackers would probably be a better choice for this dinner)
                    Boccalone salumi
                    cornichons (done)

                    Thanks for all your help (and all help to follow). I've been saved by the hounds before and you've saved me again here!

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                    1. re: miss louella

                      San Francisco has the best sourdough anywhere, just tear and add butter. It does drop crumbs though.
                      Ah that reminds me, someone sent me a powdered starter from an alaska trip. Smelled vinegary, I mixed it up yesterday, better check on it.

                      1. re: miss louella

                        Hey Miss Louella,
                        Don't mean to rain on your parade, and certainly encourage bringing food to the ballpark, but I think you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I've been to AT&T Park, and I'm not sure how this will work unless you find some sort of picnic area there (they might have some but I don't know off the top of my head. McCovey Point maybe?). For a friday night game I imagine it will be pretty crowded. You won't have much room under your seat to store things, and juggling multiple small containers and finger items will be difficult to say the least. Maybe if you offer to share with your neighbors (and they are friendly) it will be easier, but on the other hand you may find yourself with less gracious people who aren't thrilled to be in the middle of your picnic. Imagine being on an airplane but with less space under your feet, and no tray table. I'd pick foods you'd be comfortable with under those circumstances.

                        I'd bring/make sandwiches, pick maybe one or two of the easier, already done items on your list, enjoy the game, and then save the rest for a picnic or tapas dinner at some other point over the weekend.

                        Good luck and enjoy the game!

                        1. re: VealParmGuy

                          VPG, no rain at all, I appreciate your concern!

                          We've got special early-access to the park (get to go on-field after batting practice!) and I've packed everything into one small shallow "tupperware" (think bento box) so it can easily move from our shared armrest, and/or his lap to mine, depending on enthusiastic clapping and/or drinking requirements. (Whenever there's a question, *I* will preserve the food! :-)

                          We'll both be fine picking straight out of the "serving platter" so we won't be juggling additional horizontal surfaces. (And I've pretty much convinced myself to buy the Josey Baker bread for home and just have nut thins for crunch tomorrow night. So there won't even be any bread tearing involved.) I will pack plenty of napkins but know where I can get more if needed. :-D

                          Thanks again!! Concerns and ideas have dramatically changed my plan!

                          1. re: miss louella

                            That sounds totally doable and really delicious!
                            Just have a backyard picnic dinner with the more complicated and messy snacks one night :)

                            1. re: Ttrockwood

                              Are you reading my mind?!?! I am totally having a messy picnic soon oh soon. But tonight's was delightful and one kid looked at our "bento box" of snacks and declared us lucky. We shared.

                              Thanks to everyone for your comments and ideas--without you this would have been a tasty hot mess. With you it was a tasty sweet night. (Um, minus the part where the Giants fell apart in the ninth.)