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Jun 11, 2014 09:46 PM


Today while in the area I decided to try the new Vietnamese cuisine restaurant mentioned here on CH recently but to my dismay it is still not open for business and looked dark and closed in Stella Plaza on Rt166 Toms River...........Hungry for lunch I looked next door at the new
Fried Chicken House restaurant........went in not knowing what to expect. I was greeted warmly buy the owners and to my surprise were family members of the owners of El Familiar Colombian restaurant on the other side of the plaza which I love and have dined there many times. I have to say that if your looking for Fried Chicken look no further. I ordered the 4 piece dinner with Spanish rice & grandules and Colombian style pinto beans.....for my appetizer the Chicken Cornmeal Empanadas are the same as El Familiar crispy & Delicious.
But the real star here is the FRIED CHICKEN....a light coated almost panko-ish coating light & crispy perfectly cooked to order had me licking my fingers Wow! And the prices are very affordable.
The menu reflects some other interesting favorites with a Colombian twist like the Chorizo con Arepa, Paisa Hot Dog, Cuban Sandwich, Pincho de cerdo kabob,Shrimp Burrito, Mexican Cheese Steak,
Garlic shrimp....etc,...I will be back......check them out YUMMY!!

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. had to return last night and bring the family ......
        the Fried Chicken is that good!!......we all enjoyed it so much.
        The Colombian cold slaw side & Chili & garlic hot sauce condiment was excellent also. I must try the Ribs next .... ;-)

        1. Thanks for the review.. There's a Fried Chicken Place that opened closer to me, but they were horrible.. they're right as you get off exit 80 on Parkway south.

          I'm glad I read this, because I'd love to see the Vietnamese place open.

          1. Glad you stumbled on them. Have been enjoying their fare for a while now.