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Jun 11, 2014 06:48 PM

ISO......Catering in (central) Toronto for a Small (Small!) Gathering

Hi Everyone,

Mr. Vuitton and I are hosting three other couples at our home later this summer, so 8 people in total. While BBQing is easy, I really would rather have all appetizers prepared, cook/reheat a prepared dinner, etc., so I can spend time with guests.

I know of the usual suspects: 10tation, Food Dudes, marigold and onions, etc., but only as corporate caterers. Has anyone tried (personal experience) a caterer they love for in-home with a relatively small group? (Totally fine if minimums of 10 or 12 are required) . Please don't suggest Daniel and Daniel or McEwan - blech! :).

Thank you so much!

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  1. Colonel Sanders does a great spread... a bit old school but got to love the day-glow green coleslaw!

    1. I would consider a middle eastern spot too.. You can get a variety of salads/etc and likely to be cheaper than catering.

      1. We've had Rose Reisman cater our work lunches before, and it's always great. She has pretty healthy stuff, but delicious.