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Jun 11, 2014 06:11 PM

Boston Jerk Fest (June 28) South End

The post about the Burmese food festival reminded me about this years Jerk Fest. Details in the link:

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  1. I'm going to miss it again. :-(

    1. "The Jerk store called, they're out of you"

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      1. re: hargau

        What does it matter, you are their best seller!

      2. Presumably this means jerk meats cooked with wood fire.

        Matt - who cooks jerk chicken over a wood (pimento) fire in town ? The stewed stuff can be tasty but is an entirely different thang.

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        1. re: Nab

          I didn't think anyone was using pimento wood. I'd love to be proven wrong though

          1. re: Nab

            LIke jgg said, I dont think anyone is doing it right in Boston. There apparently is a place in Hartford that uses the proper wood and charcoal (similar to streetside Jerk in JA, not open fire) but I haven't tried it yet.

            Hopefully at Jerk Fest a few of the vendor's step it up.

            1. re: Matt H

              That was my feeling. Not cheap or easy to find pimento but I was curious to know if anybody was cooking their jerk with aromatic wood smoke of any kind. All the jerk I get around here is roasted or stewed.

          2. $12 a head just to get in the door? That's vastly inferior to, say, the East Cambridge "Smoke This" Rib Fest