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Cancelled flight! Dinner (casual) near Westin (cab) downtown 17th/Market

flightsurg Jun 11, 2014 06:08 PM

Ok, we just got cancelled on layover to Columbus (Go Bucks! I mean Nitanny Lions!), shacking up at Westin on 17th and Market for the night, we have the clothes on our back. Jeans and shorts. Any recs? I imagine our casual attire will dictate wherewe can go, but anything recommended is appreciated. If we can be beggars AND choosers, we'd like slow food/green or Publican type food, small plates. Last resort would be reliable pizza.

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  1. h
    heilbje RE: flightsurg Jun 11, 2014 06:27 PM

    Perch Pub @ 1345 Locust St

    1. sal_acid RE: flightsurg Jun 11, 2014 06:28 PM

      Nit. Lions mean nothing to Philly. LOL I'd keep that stuff quiet.

      I'd take a short cab ride to Chinatown. Jeans and shorts no problem there.

      1. b
        Buckethead RE: flightsurg Jun 11, 2014 06:56 PM

        The Dandelion is only a couple blocks from your hotel and is one of the city's better gastropubs. 18th and Sansom.

        1. d
          doggiedoc RE: flightsurg Jun 11, 2014 06:58 PM

          O-H... :)
          Village Whiskey is a couple blocks away on 20th...& I second The Dandelion.

          1. f
            flightsurg RE: flightsurg Jun 11, 2014 07:44 PM

            You guys rock, a million thanks! An hour after my post, and we're sitting in Village Whiskey! We chose it due to the menu, but also very close and they have a late night menu, serving some items after 11! Ordering whiskey king burger (cipollini onions, Bleu cheese, bacon, foie), Pimm's cup and duck fat fries! My buddy got a burger and Negroni. Sharing house pickled cauliflower and beets. They "flash pickle" them for 48 hours.

            Nice spot, will report on the food. Good crowd, busy for a Wednesday at 11 pm!

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            1. re: flightsurg
              Buckethead RE: flightsurg Jun 11, 2014 07:55 PM

              Good choice, the burgers there are some of the best in the city. After dinner, head across the street to Capogiro, their gelato is one of Philly's best desserts.

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