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Jun 11, 2014 05:02 PM

Sams Flaming Grill

They are advertising a new store in Moorpark at the end of the month. Has anyone been to any of the other locations in LA or Santa Clarita?

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  1. Their location by LAC Hospital is good but nothing worth seeking out if you're not in that neighborhood. Standard kabob fare with good, albeit bagged and mass purchased, lavish bread.

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      Thanks HM. It seems we are beng bombarded with all sorts of kabob places now and so many of them suck but at least some don't suck at all (Panini Cafe). I dont know how this place will survive in Moorpark.

    2. When I hear the name, I can't help if the place will be staffed entirely with flamboyant gay men.

      1. Since I'm in the unusual position of actually both living and working in Moorpark, I'm really interested in this, and hopeful that it's decent (we don't have other kabob places in Moorpark). It's going in to a former Daphne's location. Note that I said "former." If they couldn't make it here, can Sam? Why or why not?

        Oh, and Tripeler, that was hilarious!

        1. It's ok, rice is greasy and food quality and quantity varies on any given day, and service can be surly.

          An option that is better is Ali Baba cafe, but it is in Simi Valley not Moorpark