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Review #3: China Mama

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I will make this one quick. It was great yet again. We ordered 5 spicy wontons, 2 beef rolls, 2 Dan Dan noodles, 1 orange beef, scallion pancake, shrimp pillows, and I'm sure other things I am missing. Everything was great, minus the orange beef. It was fine but completely nondescript. HOWEVER, the spicy wontons are awesome ( although I will be perfectly honest they seem to be a little skimpy on the filling recently but the flavor was rocking!). The Dan Dan noodles were friggin delicious. Never expected these to be this good. Perfect texture of the noodles and flavor great. The beef rolls were very good (how come the beef is always cold? Would be an A+ if the beef were warm) and the shrimp pillows light airy and delicious. Scallion pancake is always solid a good addition to mop up the leftover juice from the wontons. I think this is one of the more under rated lunch spots (yes it's open for dinner but I would only go for lunch) in Vegas. True it is void of ANY character but it certainly makes up for it in flavor.

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    1. Lol! Savory dreams I guess.

      I don't think the name was actually just shrimp pillow but close enough. Like a scallion pancake but thinner stuffed with shrimp, greens (ong choy?) I think egg and possibly pork.