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Jun 11, 2014 03:59 PM

If anybody is still interested in Summerlicious 2014, menus posted at...

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  1. Thanks Dean!

    I've stopped looking at this event for enjoying a high end good meal. Instead I see it as a way to introduce my family (... ok, really my toddler) to finer dining. I only go during the lunch time. So I get a a nicer environment when the kid isn't tired, quicker turn around (only 1 hour meals!) AND with more reasonable pricing.

    We have a few adventures in downtown Toronto (aquarium, AGO...) and so this is a good excuse to bring my toddler to places I normally would never take her. Luma and Bosk looks like places that have a good menu. I would say Stock @ Trump as well... though I haven't heard of anything of them since their transition to their new owners. The strawberry pavlova at Stock is calling my name and being on the 31st floor may be a fun thing for my toddler to experience.

    Anyone else have other suggestions... I won't even try Canoe or Momofuku (both restaurants) with the family. It'd be too crazy to get a reservation.

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      For the last several years we have only done lunches. Some restos are not normally open for lunch, and Frida (Mexican) is one of them -- but they are open for the Licious programs. Many of the $15 lunches look attractive, and this price has held for a dozen years. But Quince has moved from $15 to $20. Some formerly $20 lunches are now $25.

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        Have done Canoe for lunch with the kids (started when they were 8 and 12) for Summerlicious a few times. The service has always been excellent and the staff seem to be really happy when the kids enjoy the meals. The staff go out of their way to make sure the kids are enjoying themselves. Yes getting reservations at Canoe can be a frustrating experience but if you can get one.....

      2. No early reservations for Amex this year - whole new system for me - any tips? Does it start at midnight? Or one day opened at a time?

        Would like to try Daisho, but it's implied here that is a tough "get". Is it a good value vs regular menu?

        And Splendido? I've never seen them participate - has anyone else?

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        1. re: non sequitur

          Tip: wait until Summerlicious is over, then go to the restaurant you want.

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            Restaurants start taking reservations on June 19th for the entire length of Summerlicious. Call the restaurant directly.

            Splendido took part in Winterlicious this past winter.

            I thought Jump gave a generous meal during Winterlicious this past winter, and I liked Cafe Boulud's dessert course a lot, which seemed as complex as a standard dessert at Cafe Boulud, when other restaurants seem to cut corners during 'Licious. I thought both Jump and Cafe Boulud were better value than other Winterlicious/Summerlicious menus I've ordered in the past.

            I've also enjoyed Mistura during a past Summerlicious.

            Zucca's menu looks good.

            1. re: non sequitur

              Definitely book online for Momofuku, for Winterlicious that was way easier. Their reservations open at 9 am on the 19th, so standard business day hours.

            2. PS: here is the 2013 thread with reviews/reactions, for reference: